Here you will find the multiple purchase options for our Mining Contracts.  The contract length is 12 months and your multiple contracts will run concurrently giving you the opportunity to either 3x, 5x, or 10x the average return for $1,000 which is around 5x.

You will receive a monthly breakdown / report with a to date ROI (Return On Investment).

Included in your mining package is our 12 month full access membership.  This gives you 12 months of Video’s, Tips, Information around hot ICO’s / Coins to watch, How to’s and our upcoming Crypto Challenge.

Upon conclusion of your mining contracts, funds will be paid into your chosen wallet in the coin of your choice.


1x 12 MONTHS $1,000 5x $4,500 TO $5,500 BITCOIN
3x 12 MONTHS $3,000 5X $13,500 TO $16,500 BITCOIN
5x 12 MONTHS $5,000 5X $22,500 TO $27,500 BITCOIN
10x 12 MONTHS $10,000 5X $45,000 TO $55,000 BITCOIN