Tech Bureau Announces Release of Catapult Featuring New NEM Protocol

tech bureau announces release of catapult featuring new nem protocol

New NEM Protocol: Tech Bureau, a developmental group for blockchain technology software and services, has announced the release of its mijin v.2 blockchain engine, which is also known as Catapult. Catapult Features the New NEM Protocol Catapult will feature an updated version of the NEM protocol and is meant to be available on both public and private networks. ANNOUNCEMENT: Catapult is now on private network! More info: — NEM (@NEMofficial) May 14, 2018   Tech Bureau North America CEO, Tom Beno, has said that … Read The Full Article…

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Legislation, Security, and Interoperability: The Main Focus Of NY Consensus Conference Day 1

legislation security and interoperability the main focus of ny consensus conference day 1

NY Consensus Conference Day 1: Blockchain Week has begun with great enthusiasm for both technology enthusiasts and businesspeople around the world. Expectations have been met, and even exceeded in some cases. One of the main events of this week that seeks to raise awareness about the blockchain world and the benefits it represents for the community is the NY Consensus Conference. An event organized by Coindesk that has earned a reputation as the most significant festival dedicated to blockchain technologies around the world. According to CNBC figures, the event registered…

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EOSIO 1.0 Update: What You Need to Know about Upcoming EOS Launch

eosio 1 0 update what you need to know about upcoming eos launch

EOS has long been gearing up for the launch of EOSIO 1.0. Today,, the team behind EOS, released an update on EOSIO 1.0 that explains how developers can use the EOSIO software. The update clears up the confusion about who, or what is launching the EOS blockchain. The EOS blockchain “can only be launched by communities […] they can’t be launched by any centralized party,” explained Brendan Blumer, CEO of This is because the EOS blockchain is a distributed consensus mechanism. “We build the open-source software,” said Blumer, that…

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Litecoin News: Charlie Lee Talks Blockchain Inefficiencies at Consensus 2018

litecoin news charlie lee talks blockchain inefficiencies at consensus 2018

Litecoin News: Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee sat down with CoinDesk at Consensus 2018 to talk CryptoKitties, blockchain inefficiencies, and money. Litecoin News: The Problem with Blockchain is… “Blockchains are inefficient by definition,” Lee stated. He explained that a decentralized system requires the replication of data, meaning that a whole bunch of computers have to keep track of all the data, rather than just one computer keeping track of it all. It requires a lot of extra work to keep things decentralized and this makes the decentralized systems less efficient…

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