Judge Denies Effort to Move XRP Investor Lawsuit to Lower Court


The US District Court denied investors' efforts to move a lawsuit against a paying company ripple to a lower court. Northern California District Judge Phyllis Hamilton denied Rick Coffey's claim to return the lawsuit against Ripple Lab and its affiliates to the San Francisco Superior Court. . Coffey sued Ripple earlier this year, arguing that XRP cryptocurrency was company controlled and issued security. Coffey insisted that "cases arising under the Securities Act can be brought to the State Court and can not be removed from the State Court". Hamilton, however,…

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ICO Regulations Round-Up: Fundraising Law, Jeju Island, Self-Directed IRAs

ico regulations round up fundraising law jeju island self directed iras

Crowdfunding In recent news pertaining to initial coin offerings (ICO) regulations, an EU report has advocated the regulation of ICOs according to crowdfunding legislation, the governor of Korea’s Jeju Island wants his jurisdiction to become a special economic zone regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and the U.S. SEC has warned consumers regarding the risks of self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts that offer exposure to ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Also Read: Markets Update: Bloody Crypto-Markets Suffer More Losses EU Report Advocates Incorporating ICOs into Fundraising Laws The European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs…

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Square Cash App Expands to All 50 US States and Allows All Members to Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

square cash app expands to all 50 us states and allows all members to buy bitcoin btc

Square just announced that with its Square Cash app, all users are now able to buy Bitcoin in all 50 US states. Red, white, and bitcoin. Now you can use Cash App to buy bitcoin in all 50 states. pic.twitter.com/D4fhVRz7WL — Cash App (@CashApp) August 13, 2018 Square Ahead of the Competition Square was originally founded by Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. The Cash App initially rolled out its Bitcoin services months ago but had to go state-by-state to get approval. Recently, it was reported that Square also secured the so-called ‘BitLicense’…

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Security, Loyalty Programs and the End of Overbooking: How Blockchain Could Help Airlines

security loyalty programs and the end of overbooking how blockchain could help airlines

Airlines and airports are functioning on outdated methods of information collection and distribution, using many isolated operating systems where data exchange can be timely and unsecure — despite a reported 170 percent increase in the past 20 years of U.S. outbound trips abroad. Major competitors have recognized how the characteristics of the aviation industry align with blockchain, which has the potential to streamline data sharing among information silos in airports — and with ancillary travel enterprises more broadly — to create a seamless and secure travel experience. Lufthansa Industry Solutions,…

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Coders Renew Efforts to Fork Mining Giant Bitmain Off Siacoin Blockchain

vorrick siacoin

For Siacoin, a distributed storage protocol, new code will be released that makes Bitmain's mining hardware obsolete. Obelisk, a venture that wants to provide alternative mining equipment for the protocol, has proposed code that gives the option to exclude Bitmain's ASIC by changing its rules so that it is exposed to e-mail from CoinDesk and is no longer available. "This will give the sia community the ability to invalidate the Siacoin ASIC miner, not all Obelisk at the fork. This news is noteworthy because CoinDesk announced last week how the…

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Markets Update: Bloody Crypto-Markets Suffer More Losses

markets update bloody crypto markets suffer more losses

Market Updates Leading up until this Tuesday a great majority of cryptocurrency markets have lost considerable value over the past few days. Since our last markets update this past Saturday, the overall cryptocurrency capitalization as a whole has dropped significantly by losing $20 billion USD. All eyes will surely be fixed on digital asset charts this week as there’s been a plague of bearish market sentiment cast over the entire crypto-economy. Also read: Coingeek Speaks on Consensus Changes and Next-Gen ASIC Chip  There’s Blood in the Crypto-Streets When it comes to…

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