Amateur Crypto Investors Caused the Burst, Japanese Expert Says

amateur crypto investors caused the burst japanese expert says

Finance Strengthening regulations will increase crypto investors’ protection, and the amateur speculation bubble will end, says Masayuki Tashiro, representative director of Fiscalo Digital Asset Group and market analyst, who handles a crypto business in Japan. The real value of cryptocurrency will be questioned after we leave the bubble, the expert says. Also read: Japanese Association Seeks Authority to Enforce Self-Regulation on Crypto Exchanges Is the Cryptocurrency Market Heading to Maturity? The overall excitement and confusion around cryptocurrency in Japan is over as regulations had been strengthened. In many ways the environment surrounding…

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Bitcoin Holds Above $6,000 While Industry Figures Warn Over ETF ‘Benefits’

bitcoin holds above 6000 while industry figures warn over etf benefits

Bitcoin (BTC) prices are up around .05 percent on Thursday, August 16, bringing the leading cryptocurrency solidly back over $6,000 after a market fall that had seen BTC dip below that psychological price point on August 14. Market visualization from Coin360 Data from Cointelegraph’s price tracker shows overall 2.5 percent monthly gains for Bitcoin as of press time, despite the latest correction from it’s weekly high of around $6,600, against weekly losses of almost 10 percent. Continuing its trend of short-term volatility, BTC/USD is currently around $6,407, with commentators eager…

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There’s a Huge Opportunity for Everyone in Crypto, It’s Called KYC/AML


Bruce Silcoff is CEO of Shyft in Toronto and is focused on developing a block-chain-based solution for digital ID and KYC / AML processes. It is easy to ask about the need for rigorous know-how customers (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) controls as Edin Yago did in the recent CoinDesk op-ed. Who likes increased complexity and compliance costs? Who can not access basic financial services, but who is excited about giving up personal information to open a wallet? Deduplication in multiple centralized siled databases raises the basic risk of large…

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Messaging Giant Line Launches Token Venture Fund

messaging giant line launches token venture fund

LINE, the Japanese messaging giant, has today announced the launch of its token venture fund. The Token venture fund will have a capital commitment of $10 million USD via LINE’s subsidiary, Unblock Ventures. Unblock Ventures was recently established in Hong Kong in only July of this year. Token Venture Fund The publicly traded LINE made the announcement earlier today and said its goal is to invest in blockchain startups with the ambition of boosting technological development. Unblock Ventures, will manage the fund but the actual capital of $10 million will be…

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Only Seven Crypto Firms Authorized to Legally Operate in Thailand

only seven crypto firms authorized to legally operate in thailand

Regulation The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced the names of seven cryptocurrency firms that have been authorized to legally operate in the country. Five of them are crypto exchanges; two are cryptocurrency dealers. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Seven Crypto Firms Authorized The Thai SEC has announced the names of the cryptocurrency firms that have been authorized to operate in the country while their applications are being reviewed by the regulators. Seven firms, consisting of five crypto exchanges and two dealers, have been granted…

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Coinbase to Pursue Decentralized Form of Identification Following Acquisition

coinbase to pursue decentralized form of identification following acquisition

Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase has acquired San Francisco-based startup Distributed Systems Inc., which works on decentralized identity solutions, according to an August 15 announcement. In the blog post, B Byrne, project manager for Identity at Coinbase, said Distributed Systems will help the exchange work on new ways to validate and verify identity within its plans to develop an open financial system. The blog post says: “Blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies offers a new way to let us all be “verified” everywhere we go on the internet, feeling safer about…

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