Bitcoin Cash Price Watch – BCH/USD Breaks Below Support, Drops To $1,110

bitcoin cash price watch bch usd breaks below support drops to 1110

Key Highlights: On Wednesday, Bitcoin Cash broke below yesterday’s support of $1,125, now approaching the $1,110 territory. Earlier in the day, BCH/USD reached a high of $1,160 before a major cryptocurrency selloff occurred. BCH/USD managed to recover from the latest selloff, now forming a bullish trend line after holding support at $1,090. Bitcoin Cash Fails to Hold Support On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin Cash broke below yesterday’s support of $1,125, now trading in the $1,110 territory and holding support at $1,090. However, the price decline didn’t last long to reach a…

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Bitcoin Cash Price Watch – BCH/USD Holds Steady Around $1,100

bitcoin cash price watch bch usd holds steady around 1100

Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash broke past the $1,100 price level during the weekend, reaching as high as $1,200. Currently, BCH/USD is holding steady around this price, establishing a support at $1,080. A bearish trend line is forming around a resistance point of $1,120 to test its support level. BCH/USD Holding Steady Around $1,100 After surging to as high as $1,200 this past weekend, Bitcoin Cash declined slightly earlier this morning. BCH/USD has now stabilized around the critical $1,100 price level, with a major support level established around $1,080. At the…

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & Tron (TRX) – Price Roller Coaster & Project Upgrades

bitcoin cash bch tron trx price roller coaster project upgrades

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & Tron (TRX) – Most of the cryptocurrency market is in the green today, after slowly declining the whole month of May. Source: CoinMarketCap Presently, the total cryptocurrency market cap is just above $331 billion. Most coins have seen high volatility the past two weeks, but let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin Cash and Tron today. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitcoin Cash made its split from Bitcoin (BTC) on August 1st of last year, and presently, it is the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap. … Read…

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Bitcoin Cash Price – Downside Extends

bitcoin cash price downside extends

Bitcoin Cash price (BCH) is extending its declining trend into this week amid the broader market selloff. The fourth largest coin was the second biggest loser last week in the top ten coins. It fell almost 6% today following a drop of 25% last week. BCH trades below $950 today for the first time since April 20. The coin lost almost half of its value from this month high of $1,800. The broader market selloff has also been impacting the value of the entire cryptocurrency market over the last couple…

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Bitcoin Cash Price Watch – BCH/USD On Bearish Run, Falls Below $1,000

bitcoin cash price watch bch usd on bearish run falls below 1000

Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash is now on a bearish run, breaking below the pivotal $1,000 level. Just like with other major cryptocurrencies, BCH/USD is now on a long-term bearish trend. On the downside, BCH/USD could slide to $950 later this week. BCH/USD Breaks Below $1,000 On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin Cash broke below the pivotal $1,000 price level, now trading at around $995. BCH/USD could still slip further later in the day, where the downside could take its price toward $950 later this week. On the upside, a retest of the…

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Bitcoin Cash Price Watch – BCH/USD Declines Further, Now Below $1,200

bitcoin cash price watch bch usd declines further now below 1200

Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash continued its decline this week, falling below the $1,200 mark. BCH/USD failed to break above its previous resistance level of $1,290 despite a minor upside correction. BCH/USD is currently on a bullish run that could retest the $1,200 price level. Bitcoin Cash Price Declines Below $1,200 On Friday morning, Bitcoin Cash price continued its decline from earlier this week, now sitting below the critical $1,200 mark. Even though there was a minor upside correction, the cryptocurrency failed to break above the previously established $1,290 resistance level.…

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