Oxford University Professors to Build World’s First Decentralized Blockchain-based University

oxford university professors to build worlds first decentralized blockchain based university

A group of professors at the world-renowned Oxford University are looking to start the world’s first blockchain university, but need the powers of the EU first. Woolf  The team of professors believes that blockchain technology and smart contracts can help democratize the traditional structure of higher education. This “blockchain university” called Woolf” is led by a team of academics at Oxford. Woolf is led by Joshua Broggi, a professor from the Faculty of Philosophy. Woolfs website’s “about” page explains: “Woolf will be a borderless, educational society which … Read The Full…

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Turning The Financial Industry On Its Head – The Blockchain Technology

turning the financial industry on its head the blockchain technology

The financial industry has witnessed many disruptions and welcomed new technologies that have radically changed traditional processes. In today’s world of cryptocurrency and digital transactions, a new type of technology is steadily taking over – the blockchain technology. Blockchain has caused many disruptions, but what are the top blockchain disruptions? Blockchain technology is causing financial institutions to take note and consider alternative methods to the traditional processes they have come to rely on, such as online transactions. Blockchain technology facilitates online transactions. These transactions are encrypted and processed over a…

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Bank Blockchain Budgets Increased by 67% in 2017

bank blockchain budgets increased by 67 in 2017

The use of blockchain technology in the financial industry has seemed to be increasing recently, and proof can be found in a recent report in a recent report by the US-based market intelligence company Greenwich Associates. Greenwich interviewed over 200 participants in the study over blockchain budgets, team sizes, use case exploration, key challenges and other issues to get its results. According to the report, companies in the financial services industry spent about $1.7 billion USD on blockchain in 2017, which is an increase of 67%. The number of companies that created…

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Luxembourg and VeChain – More Government Use of Blockchain Suggested

luxembourg and vechain more government use of blockchain suggested

Blockchain technology has shown that it can be beneficial to a multitude of industries, and even governments have been looking into ways to utilize and encourage it. Luxembourg, a small European country located between Germany, France, and Belgium, has become a part of this new blockchain-positive movement, as a delegation from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy visited the Shanghai office of VeCahain Foundation on Wednesday. A delegation from the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy visited the VeChain Shanghai office to learn more about the VeChainThor Blockchain.https://t.co/8eQJg7tBNX — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) June 13,…

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Edgar Allan Poe and ‘The Raven’ Inspired the Qravity Blockchain Platform

edgar allan poe and the raven inspired the qravity blockchain platform

Edgar Allan Poe, as a writer and poet influenced both American literature and international literature. As a struggling artist (one who never really profited off of his work), Poe influenced one man, hundreds of years after his death, to create the Qravity blockchain platform. The goal of the blockchain platform?  To not only allow creators to own their content but to profit from it as well. Something which Edgar Allan Poe was never fortunate enough to do.  Edgar Allan Poe and the Qravity Blockchain Platform In 1845, the New York…

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Blockchain News: Are We Getting a Blockchain-Based Uber?

blockchain news are we getting a blockchain based uber

Blockchain technology is gaining popularity at a steady rate. In fact, there have been numerous companies, and governments, that have expressed a desire to adopt the technology. This means we see a new piece of blockchain news almost every week. However, things got a little bit more interesting this week, in terms of what blockchain news became “trending” news.  This week, we have seen the CEO of Funcity announce his plans to utilize blockchain technology and announce what exactly he plans on doing with it. It’s cool, too. Plus, if it works,…

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