Trillion-Dollar Shipping Industry Betting Big On Blockchain

trillion dollar shipping industry betting big on blockchain

Depositphotos/Tzido FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary In the United States shipping and logistics accounts for nearly $1.5 trillion each year. With networks of producers, shippers, and consumers coordinating to access products, inefficiencies are an inevitable industry reality. In an effort to address these problems, companies around the world are working to revolutionize shipping and logistics through the instant and immutable properties of blockchain technology. Technology giants are predicting that traditional enterprise clients will seek to integrate blockchain technology into their businesses in the future. As legacy sales decrease,…

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Korean Blockchain Association Asks State for Crypto and Blockchain Adoption

korean blockchain association asks state for crypto and blockchain adoption

Last month, the Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association was established. While the association is still relatively new, it’s already making major moves. This week, the association called for not only Korean crypto regulation but Korean blockchain regulation as well. Here’s what we know. Korean Crypto Regulation and Korean Blockchain Regulation On August 8th, the Korea Joongang Daily reported that the Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association called on the government on Tuesday, asking it to adopt crypto and blockchain. Why? According to the report, the blockchain-based association has asked the government to regulate…

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AXS Blockchain Announces Appointment of Ashik Karim as CEO

axs blockchain announces appointment of ashik karim as ceo

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AXS Blockchain Solutions Inc. (“AXS Blockchain”) (CSE:BAXS) (FRA: C0B), a leader in blockchain solution development, is pleased to announce that the board of directors has appointed Ashik Karim as Chief Executive Officer, and a director, effective August 3, 2018. Mr. Karim is currently and will also remain the Chief Executive Officer of Chainlinks Lab Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary AXS Blockchain. Mohammad Ahmad has stepped down as Chief Executive Officer to take on a strategic leadership role as Chairman of AXS.…

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IBM Blockchain Platform Targets Banks and Financial Institutions

ibm blockchain platform targets banks and financial institutions

The IBM blockchain platform aimed at financial services was launched today, according to a CNBC news report. IBM currently holds several blockchain-based patents and is working on several different projects with Distributed Ledger technology. IBM Paves the Way When cryptocurrency began its ramp up back in mid-2017, several banks around the world started eyeing blockchain technology to see how it could potentially benefit current systems and how it could cut costs. IBM has partnered with CLS, a foreign exchange market infrastructure firm, and has created LedgerConnect. LedgerConnect is a proof of concept blockchain…

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Is Berlin a Blockchain Hotspot? Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin Thinks So

is berlin a blockchain hotspot ethereums joseph lubin thinks so

More and more countries, cities, and states are adopting blockchain technology. Malta already has, and so has Colorado—and for good reasons, too. Many have said that blockchain will one day surpass crypto, being the brains behind the operation. Until then, areas in the world are going to keep exploring the technology. This week, we saw Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, talk about the Berlin blockchain development. Not only that, but he called Germany’s capital “the most important city” in the blockchain industry. But why? Joseph Lubin Talks Blockchain Blockchain may still…

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TADA: First Blockchain-Powered Ride-Hailing App Launches in Singapore

tada first blockchain powered ride hailing app launches in singapore

A new ride-hailing service has just emerged in Singapore, and it’s the first of its kind. TADA, which means “let’s ride” in Korean, is a blockchain-enabled mobile app that claims it has zero commission fees for its drivers. Let’s learn more about the blockchain powered ride-hailing app TADA. TADA Introduced Singapore-based Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL) Foundation released the app on Thursday (July 26th). In its ramp up, the foundation recruited 2,000 private-hire licensed drivers. What makes this company stand apart from the rest is that MVL states that it will…

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