Winklevoss Twins Get Second Rejection for Bitcoin ETF

winklevoss twins get second rejection for bitcoin etf

Winklevoss Twins Get Second Rejection: Where the Cryptomarket is concerned, talk about establishing an ETF is a big deal right now. Only on Wednesday, BitWise applied to the SEC to establish an ETF and bull’s and bears across the spectrum have weighed in on the necessity of an ETF for the digital coins. However today, the SEC rejected the Winklevoss twins second Bitcoin ETF application. Following the SEC’s review of its initial rejection of the Winklevoss’s proposal for a bitcoin ETF, the agency has decided to reject the proposal for…

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An ETF for Bitcoin Is Unlikely This Year According to Brian Kelly

an etf for bitcoin is unlikely this year according to brian kelly

ETF is Unlikely: Demand is growing for the establishment of a crypto ETF or exchange-traded fund. Just yesterday major exchange Bitwise joined the fight and filed a proposal to the SEC for an ETF. But despite the desire for an ETF, Brian Kelly – CEO of BKCM; an independent investment firm specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused investment opportunities has expressed his opinion that it might not be possible in 2018.  Kelly has suggested that the establishment of the first Bitcoin ETF will be tough to get approved by the U.S. Securities…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks $8,100—Up, Up, Up it Goes!

bitcoin btc breaks 8100 up up up it goes

Bitcoin (BTC) price has climbed above the $8,100 mark for the first time today since mid-May. Big Week for Bitcoin Bitcoin’s bull run this week is leading many to predict a return of its 2017 bull run that pushed BTC to almost $20,000. July 16th seems to have started this run when BlackRock, the world’s largest exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider, announced that its company had assembled a group to look into cryptocurrencies, more specifically, Bitcoin (BTC). This news immediately boosted BTC into the green with 4% gains. BlackRock, to date,…

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Robinhood Lists Dogecoin, Altcoin Surges: Much Wow, Very Cool!

robinhood lists dogecoin altcoin surges much wow very cool

Robinhood adds Dogecoin: It was all smiles yesterday when Robinhood, a stock trading app, revealed that it added Dogecoin to its platform. But behind the scenes, some are unsure of this event. Foes say Dogecoin is a parody cryptocurrency. Moreover, they say that because Robinhood supports less than ten digital currencies, many believed the company to be selective over the coins they carried. On the other hand, fans say despite its bizarre nature, Dogecoin has accumulated mainstream interest and has witnessed price peaks throughout the year. Robinhood Adds Dogecoin, But There’s…

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Crypto in the Second Half of 2018: Where’s it Headed? Get Your Bets in! 🎲

crypto in the second half of 2018 wheres it headed get your bets in %f0%9f%8e%b2

Crypto Second Half of 2018: Investors were not pleased with the first half of 2018. While some focused on the S&P 500 (it’s up 1% YTD, instead of the usual 3.5%), others focused on cryptocurrencies. In particular, investors watched Bitcoin, which notched up a 16- fold increase in 2017, only to drop by 55% between the start of 2018 and June 27th.  Now, as of July 1, we are in the second half of 2018. Which means if things are going to change, now is the time to get going. But…

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Tom Lee Bitcoin Price Target: From $25K to $20K

tom lee bitcoin price target from 25k to 20k

Last month, Bitcoin enthusiasts breathed a sigh of relief when they were informed that the Tom Lee Bitcoin price target was $25K by the end of 2018. But a month later, now in the second half of the year, Tom Lee has changed his mind. He now expects that Bitcoin will trade a little over $20,000 by year-end. Tom Lee Bitcoin Price Target: 20% Less Than Original As the Bitcoin bulls and bears continue to fight, the Fundstrat co-founder has sided with both in certain instances. He admitted that Bitcoin’s trading…

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