Circle App Raises $110 million & Introduces its Own Crypto-Dollar at Consensus 2018

circle app raises 110 million introduces its own crypto dollar at consensus 2018

Circle App – Boston-based fintech company Circle, has its sights on making a faster and better digital version of the U.S. dollar. The start-up company announced its new digital token that would be pegged to the US dollar yesterday at Consensus 2018. Circle founders @psneville and @jerallaire took the stage at #Consensus2018 earlier today to announce Circle USDC, a price-stable tokenized US dollar coin. Learn more about it here: — Circle (@circlepay) May 15, 2018 Circle also announced that it raised $100 million in their Series E round which…

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NEO, Monero (XMR), and EOS: Sound Off

neo monero xmr and eos sound off

Coins are up and coins are down. Where does NEO, Monero (XRM), and EOS sit on the scale? NEO NEO is currently selling for $76.45, which puts the coin down 2.33% in the past 24 hours. Although NEO is currently down for the day, the coin is up by nearly 60% for the past month, so overall the coin has been growing. Does NEO’s staggering growth lately mark a reversal in fortune or will the coin return to making gains once more? NEO’s growth may have halted for the time…

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Poloniex Exchange Bought by Circle Inc.

poloniex exchange bought by circle inc

A few weeks ago, the Modern Consensus website published an article saying that a negotiation between Poloniex and Circle had been concluded. Many rushed to describe it as Fake News due to the lack of confirmation from the involved parties and even an apparent denial according to consultations made by journalists. But, it seems that Poloniex exchange has been acquired by Circle Inc. Read on to find out more. However, in the official press release they suggested the idea that the purchase negotiations had been going on for several months, which…

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