Age of Rust: A Blockchain Adventure Game Powered by SpacePirate

age of rust a blockchain adventure game powered by spacepirate

Age of Rust is a blockchain adventure game being developed by SpacePirate. The game involves roleplaying, strategizing, and battling other players. The reward? Cryptocurrency. Let the Adventure Begin Age of Rust transports players to a dystopian future where society has collapsed. This is the Age of Rust. Players will explore a bizarre galaxy where they will have to survive mercenaries such as privateers, bounty hunters, and rogue mechs— the futuristic robots that have turned against humanity. Players will travel to abandoned spacecraft, lost mines, secret bases, and hidden space stations…

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Stephen Curry CryptoKitties: NBA Star Teams up with Blockchain Game

stephen curry cryptokitties nba star teams up with blockchain game

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has made a move into the cryptocurrency industry. Specifically, Curry – dubbed the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA – has teamed up with Axiom Zen in a partnership that has created three Stephen Curry cryptoKitties. Stephen Curry CryptoKitties This is significant news, and it’s likely both CryptoKitties and Stephen Curry will benefit from this new found friendship. For starters, Curry is CryptoKitties’ first every celebrity partner. Additionally, CryptoKitties has been looking to expand its collectibles app; therefore, based on today’s…

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Tron [TRX] Super Election & Tron Dogs Upgrade

tron trx super election tron dogs upgrade

Tron [TRX] has been ramping up lately, as the days are ticking down to May 31st when Tron’s main net is set to launch. Nearly two weeks ago, the Tron Foundation initiated their test net and TRX jumped nearly 50% in price just a few days later when the coin got listed on the exchanges UPbit and Bithumb. The Tron Foundation had 2,500 nodes running in 31 different countries around the world, in just a weeks time – impressive. While the main net should launch on May 31st, it isn’t fully…

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Pineapple Arcade: Play Crypto Games for Free

pineapple arcade play crypto games for free

Welcome, Degens! Are you into arcade games, puzzles, scavenger hunts, and winning crypto? Then you might want to check out Pineapple Arcade. Pineapple Arcade is a collaborative effort by the Pineapple Fund, the developers behind the upcoming crypto RPG game Neon District, and the Atari movie. The Arcade is about opening up the space of crypto to the world, providing people free access to puzzling fun and donating to charity. As soon as you enter the Pineapple Arcade, your job is to explore. Zoom in on things, click around, see…

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CryptoKitties News: Axiom Zen Raises $12m in first funding round

cryptokitties news axiom zen raises 12m in first funding round

The cryptocurrency market is, without doubt, the most lucrative and profitable market in the history of the world’s economy. Thanks to the development of blockchain technologies, it is possible to conceive of many applications that go beyond the purely economic sphere. The exponential growth rate of blockchain adoption, the constant technological advances and the high levels of profitability associated with the world of distributed ledger technologies, made it evident that sooner or later, game developers would join this technological revolution to take advantage of its benefits. With the introduction of…

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UnicornGO: the Next Pokémon GO?

unicorngo the next pokemon go

For all you unicorn lovers, there’s a new crypto game out that’s all about unicorns and it’s called UnicornGO. UnicornGO is combining the decentralizing forces of the blockchain with augmented reality. One day, you might even be able to control your virtual unicorn buddy with your mind. The premise is to collect unicorns, plots of land, and candies. Unicorns can be bred, they can fight each other, they can be bought and sold, and they can be given away as gifts. Each unicorn is set with traits that determine their…

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