2018 Fortune 40 Under 40: Vitalik Buterin, Brian Armstrong, and More Listed!

2018 fortune 40 under 40 vitalik buterin brian armstrong and more listed

We know their names, but that’s not always enough. To appreciate the young in the world of business, Fortune, a multinational magazine, publishes its ’40 under 40′ list every year. Yesterday, the 2018 Fortune 40 under 40 list was released—and four crypto players made it. Vitalik Buterin makes Fortune 40 under 40, plus more! Crypto Makes it on the 2018 Fortune 40 Under 40 When Fortune’s under 40 rankings first started, it was to show off the giants of the dot-com boom. But things are different now, with changes being sparked by…

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Crypto World Cup: Satoshi Nakamoto Takes Home Third Place

crypto world cup satoshi nakamoto takes home third place

63 games down and one more to go. Earlier, the Crypto World Cup third-place match took place, and, after a middling match, Satoshi Nakamoto secured the title of third place. Some argue that the third-place game in the Crypto World Cup means nothing; after all, it’s not like the winning crypto player gets a bronze medal, like in the Olympics. We disagree. We think getting to the third-place match in the Crypto World Cup is something to be proud of — even when being there means both crypto players lost…

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Crypto World Cup Semi-Finals: It’s Coming Home…But Where’s Home?

crypto world cup semi finals its coming homebut wheres home

The Crypto World Cup Semi-Finals are Here! It’s hard to believe that the Crypto World Cup semi-finals start tomorrow, July 10th. It feels like just yesterday the group stages were kicking off. From then to now, the whole tournament has been fun to watch. Mostly because it played out differently than most years. In the Crypto World Cup semi-finals, there is no Roger Ver, no Vitalik Buterin, and no Cameron Winklevoss. Three crypto players that – and this could be an understatement – did not rise to the occasion, despite…

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Binance Donates $1M to Japan Earthquake Relief: You Can Too!

binance donates 1m to japan earthquake relief you can too

Binance Donates to Japan Disaster Relief: Japan is prone to natural disasters. Located along the world’s most active earthquake belt, the country’s seen everything from earthquakes to mudslides. The latest Japanese natural disaster occurred this weekend. On the night of July 7, a 6.0 earthquake hit Japan. No tsunami warning was issued, but the aftermath of the latest Japan earthquake is becoming dire. As a result, crypto exchange Binance has stepped in to help.  Binance Donates to Japan Disaster Relief  Since last Thursday, Japan has experienced heavy rainfall, sparking deadly landslides and … Read The…

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Crypto World Cup Day 19: Warren Buffet vs. Justin Sun

crypto world cup day 19 warren buffet vs justin sun

Day 19 of the Crypto World Cup is over, and so is the fourth day of the round of 16.  The games today were definitely something else. While the score count remained low, the matches saw other things occur that made up for that. However, those things weren’t necessarily all good.  Let’s dive in. If you missed it, here’s who is playing in the round of 16.  Check Out the Results and Highlights of Today’s Games  Match 1: Willy Woo 1-0 David Schwartz  This match was a tough one. For…

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Crypto World Cup Day 17: Charlie Lee vs. Bill Barhydt

crypto world cup day 17 charlie lee vs bill barhydt

It’s Day 17 of the Crypto World Cup and our second day of the round of 16! Charlie Lee faces off against Bill Barhydt, plus Tyler Winklevoss takes on CryptoYoda. It was two wild games today, with some pretty surprising results. Let’s dig in! If you missed it, here’s the summary of who’s playing in the round of 16. Check out the results and highlights of today’s games Match 1: Tyler Winklevoss 1 (3)-1 (4) CryptoYoda Coming blind into this match, you would think that Tyler Winklevoss would have this…

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