Crypto World Cup Day 7: John McAfee vs. Zhao Changpeng

crypto world cup day 7 john mcafee vs zhao changpeng

Crypto World Cup Day 7 was full of insanely tight matches, but who came out on top? Let’s see! Today’s big matchups include: John McAfee vs. Zhao Changpeng Brad Garlinghouse vs. David Sonstebo Tim Draper vs. Tyler Winklevoss In matchday one, Brad Garlinghouse defeated Eric Voorhees and Tim Draper defeated Zhao Changpeng both 1-0. Tyler Winklevoss and John McAfee put up a tough match on matchday one that resulted in a draw at 3-3. John McAfee pulled off a hat-trick which was the 51st hat-trick scored in World Cup History.…

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EOS Freezes Seven Accounts: Chaos Ensues

eos freezes seven accounts chaos ensues

EOS freezes seven accounts as a counter to potential theft, but the action causes some to question the decentralization of the EOS network. EOS Freezes Seven Accounts The accounts were frozen after a unanimous vote was held by the 21 elected block producers. The block producers suspected that these accounts may have been holding stolen funds and so decided to take action before anything else could be stolen. However, the decision was met with heavy criticism. The decision violated the EOS constitution, which requires decisions such as this to be…

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EOS Blockchain Halt: What’s Going on with EOS?

eos blockchain halt whats going on with eos

Yesterday, yet another EOS bug was discovered, and we experienced an EOS blockchain halt as a result. So, what’s happening over there? EOS Blockchain Halt Not long after the EOS blockchain finally went live, a bug was discovered that was causing a NodeOS problem. The discovery of the bug caused the EOS blockchain to halt temporarily while the issue was being fixed. The process of bug discovery to blockchain halt to bug fix was outlined in a Medium post published by EOS New York, one of the elected EOS block…

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EOS Blockchain Goes Full Steam: Votes are Finally In

eos blockchain goes full steam votes are finally in

To say it’s been a bumpy start for the EOS blockchain might just be the understatement of the year. The voting process was long and winded, experiencing many unexpected delays, but it’s finally complete. The votes are in, and EOS is officially live. EOS Blockchain Voting System The 21 block producers have finally been elected, but it was a slow start to get there. If you’re unclear about EOS block producers, you can check out our break down. For a while, the voting process was stalled. 15% of all tokens…

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US CFTC Court Case Could Affect Its Authority on Crypto

us cftc court case could affect its authority on crypto

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has entered into a court case that could determine if it has the authority to regulate cryptocurrencies. Reuters reported on Wednesday that the CFTC had sued Randall Crater’s tech company and the cryptocurrency My Big Coin in January. Allegedly, Crater and his company “perpetrated a $6 million [USD] fraud on people who wanted to buy My Big Coin.” CFTC Court Case According to the article, Crater’s lawyers have said the CFTC does not have any authority on the cryptocurrency because it is not a … Read The…

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3 Crypto-Friendly Countries in Europe – From the Alps to the Vltava River

3 crypto friendly countries in europe from the alps to the vltava river

Crypto-Friendly Countries in Europe: In recent months the crypto sector has seen numerous countries implement regulations and ban virtual currencies and ICOs. Despite this, the sector continues to grow and gain support. So, if the world is going to divide when it comes to cryptocurrency, which is what appears to be happening, it’s important that crypto-enthusiasts know which countries welcome crypto with open arms or which don’t.  In this article, we’re going to be looking at a few countries that are known for being crypto-friendly. But, there’s a twist. The countries…

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