Huobi Pro ‘Main Force’ Crypto Market Index Introduced

huobi pro main force crypto market index introduced

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi.Pro, announced the launch of its ‘Main Force’ cryptocurrency index today. Designed by the Huobi Group, this index provides its users a comprehensive platform composed of various different digital assets. CEO of Huobi Group, Lion Li, said in the press release this morning: “The goal here is to provide a complete and organized tool which will help enhance the overall knowledge of the blockchain industry, We are committed to bringing more insights and data so key stakeholders can make the most knowledgeable decisions when it comes to…

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Coincheck Plans to Expand into US Market

coincheck plans to expand into us market

Monex Inc., the new owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, has announced that Coincheck will expand into the US. Monex acquired Coincheck back in April, not long after Coincheck experienced one of the largest crypto hacks of all time. Coincheck has been working to recover ever since but hasn’t fully succeeded yet. Now, in the hopes of helping the exchange to recover further, Monex plans to expand Coincheck into the US, reports Bloomberg. Getting over the crypto hack isn’t the only reason Coincheck is expanding into the US, though. The CEO…

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eToro to Launch Crypto Exchange and Mobile Wallet – Expands to the U.S.

etoro to launch crypto exchange and mobile wallet expands to the u s

eToro – Consensus 2018 has been quite the event so far. Many major companies in the crypto space waited until they hit the stage at the event to announce big upgrades and changes to their platforms. Some more exciting updates! #eToro #USA — eToro (@eToro) May 16, 2018 eToro, the social investing platform, is currently based in Israel and launched back in 2007. It currently has opened up its waiting list for U.S investors that want to trade the 11 cryptocurrencies currently held on its platform. eToro currently supports ……

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Coinbase Launches Four New Coinbase Products Aimed at Institutional Investors

coinbase launches four new coinbase products aimed at institutional investors

Four new Coinbase products are being launched by the popular exchange with the hopes that they will attract institutional investors into the cryptocurrency market. The four new Coinbase products are designed to solve the biggest issues that institutional investors cite as keeping them from fully entering cryptocurrency, reports CNBC. The products are Coinbase Custody, Coinbase Markets, The Coinbase Institutional Coverage Group, and Coinbase Prime. Four New Coinbase Products: Coinbase Custody The Coinbase Custody product is looking to solve the issue of security. In the institutional universe, the fiat currency that…

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OKEx Has Surpassed Binance as the Top Crypto Exchange!

okex has surpassed binance as the top crypto exchange

OKEx has surpassed Binance as the top crypto exchange, listing a 24-hour trading volume of $2.4 billion on CoinMarketCap. Binance currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $2.2 billion. This now makes OKEx the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. That’s not all that’s going on with OKEx though. OKEx’s CEO, Chris Lee, has now resigned. So, the question becomes, why did Lee resign right as the exchange achieved the top crypto exchange status? According to Bloomberg, Lee left so that he could “start a new life.” He is reportedly spending time with…

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UpBit Raided By Local Police for Fraud – Crypto Market Drops

upbit raided by local police for fraud crypto market drops

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, UpBit, was raided by ten investigators and local police for alleged fraud this morning. Chosun, a local news source, was the first to report on the incident. Upbit is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by 24-hour trade volume. The company has responded saying that all customers’ assets kept on their platform are safe, and all trades and withdrawals are running normally. UpBit has released the following statement on its website: “Upbit is currently under investigation by the prosecution, and we are working diligently.…

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