Crypto World Cup Day 21: Justin Sun vs. Willy Woo

crypto world cup day 21 justin sun vs willy woo

It’s Crypto World Cup Day 21. Justin Sun takes on Willy Woo and Charlie faces off against CryptoYoda. Who will move on and who will be knocked out? Today’s the final day of the quarterfinals and the last chance to take your guesses at the final two teams who will be moving into the semifinal round. How did the games go today? Let’s take a look! Check out the results and highlights of today’s games Match 1: Willy Woo 0-2 Justin Sun On paper, this seemed like it would be…

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Crypto World Cup: Who’s Out and Who’s Advanced to the Knockout Stages?

crypto world cup whos out and whos advanced to the knockout stages

It’s here – the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived! Group stages of the Crypto World Cup are over, which means we’re moving onto the best part of the tournament: the knockout stages. No more weak crypto players or unfair matches (though there will be a few: looking at you Andreas Antonopoulos vs. Satoshi Nakamoto). At this point in the Crypto World Cup, we have the best of the best playing against each other. You can count on these games being fast-paced and well-played. Before we look at…

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Crypto World Cup Day 12: Brad Garlinghouse vs. CryptoYoda

crypto world cup day 12 brad garlinghouse vs cryptoyoda

Well, that’s it, folks! Day 12 of the Crypto World Cup has concluded, and the competition is heating up.  Monday’s matches saw Brad Garlinghouse shut out CryptoYoda, putting the Ripple CEO at 9 points. We also saw David Sønstebø defeat Erik Voorhees in injury time, a cruel end to a game that favored Voorhees. Next, Tim Draper and John McAfee faced off in a mediocre game. The day ended with Tyler Winklevoss playing Zhao Changpeng. The game ended in a tie.  If you’re behind in our Crypto World Cup, you can meet all…

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Crypto World Cup Day 6: Warren Buffett vs. Andreas Antonopoulos

crypto world cup day 6 warren buffett vs andreas antonopoulos

Day 6 of the Crypto World cup has arrived and one of the biggest crypto bears out there comes with it – Warren Buffett! Does crypto reign supreme today or was Warren able to slash his claws and bring it down? Check out all that and more at the Crypto World Cup! If you don’t know them all yet, meet the players of our Crypto World Cup. Check out the results and highlights of today’s games Match 1: Warren Buffett 1-2 Andreas Antonopoulos Warren Buffett is known in the crypto…

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Crypto World Cup Day 1: CryptoYoda vs. David Sønstebø

crypto world cup day 1 cryptoyoda vs david sonstebo

The first match of the Crypto World Cup came in hot today! Today, CryptoYoda faced off against David Sønstebø. Here are the highlights from today’s match! If you missed it, don’t forget to meet the players for all our upcoming matches of the Crypto World Cup. Crypto World Cup Day 1: CryptoYoda vs. David Sønstebø Fans from all over piled into the stadium this morning, the anticipation mounting among the crowd. It was the first match of the World Cup, and no hopes or dreams had yet been crushed. Who…

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The Crypto World Cup: Meet the Players, Guess Who Wins

the crypto world cup meet the players guess who wins

It’s time for the next saga in our crypto game adventures – the Crypto World Cup! The world of crypto has a lot of big names. It’s about time they faced off with one another. Who will come out on top? Let’s meet the players! Crypto World Cup: Who’s Who Our crypto representatives come from all walks of crypto – token developers, crypto advocates, analysts, even some crypto naysayers. All of our fabulous crypto representatives were assigned randomly to a country playing in the FIFA World Cup. Their progress in…

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