Walmart Creating a Bitcoin-Powered Electrical Grid

walmart creating a bitcoin powered electrical grid

Walmart Creating a Bitcoin-Powered Electrical Grid – In many ways, blockchain technology is going to provide the world with a lot of good. However, the technology does have a couple of downsides. While there is an increasing concern over the energy consumption of blockchain, companies around the world are trying to reduce this problem’s severity.  The latest company to venture into solving this issue is retail behemoth Walmart. Walmart Creating a Bitcoin-Powered Electrical Grid  On Thursday, word broke that Walmart had won a patent for the development of a Bitcoin-powered electrical…

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Tron (TRX) Announces Google Chrome Plugin TRX Wallet – Ledger Hardware Wallet in the Works

tron trx announces google chrome plugin trx wallet ledger hardware wallet in the works

Tron (TRX) – Yesterday, the Tron Foundation made an announcement showcasing a new “recommended” Chrome wallet to be used by TRX holders. #TRON An amazing multi-functional wallet applying to Chrome plugins designed specifically for the TRON web. #TRX  $TRX — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) June 14, 2018 Created by developer Jake Lin, the Tron Chrome wallet is a multi-functional wallet that can be applied to Google Chrome plugins but is designed specifically for the TRON web. It has been tested thoroughly, and the Tron development team believes the wallet has…

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County in Montana Delays Decision to Suspend Bitcoin Mining Operations

county in montana delays decision to suspend bitcoin mining operations

After a wave of Bitcoin mining operations set up in areas with affordable electricity, places like Montana’s Missoula County needed to make a decision over the impact these operations have on the region. Earlier this month, it was reported that Bitcoin’s (BTC) energy footprint had nearly doubled in six months and was expected to grow. According to the study, Bitcoin could be using up approximately 0.5% of the world’s energy by the end of the year, almost the same amount used by the Netherlands. Needless to say, most people might not…

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Bitcoin Price Watch – BTC/USD Shows Signs of Reversal, Back Above $6,500

bitcoin price watch btc usd shows signs of reversal back above 6500

Bitcoin price bounced backed slightly on Friday morning amid a market-wide crypto recovery, settling above the $6,500 price level. A reversal is likely the result of a decision handed down yesterday by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which ruled that Ethereum is not a security. The price of Ethereum also shot up by 10% in response to the SEC decision. Previously, investors had been put off by reports in May that regulators were debating whether Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, could be considered an equity. Even…

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Oxford University Professors to Build World’s First Decentralized Blockchain-based University

oxford university professors to build worlds first decentralized blockchain based university

A group of professors at the world-renowned Oxford University are looking to start the world’s first blockchain university, but need the powers of the EU first. Woolf  The team of professors believes that blockchain technology and smart contracts can help democratize the traditional structure of higher education. This “blockchain university” called Woolf” is led by a team of academics at Oxford. Woolf is led by Joshua Broggi, a professor from the Faculty of Philosophy. Woolfs website’s “about” page explains: “Woolf will be a borderless, educational society which … Read The Full…

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Steve Bannon Moves into Crypto – How? Why? Doing What?

steve bannon moves into crypto how why doing what

Steve Bannon Moves into Crypto – In August of 2017, President Donald Trump decided to remove Steve Bannon from his administration. Since then, Bannon has been the subject of scrutiny. In fact, some have recently gone as far as saying he is a man who disrupted U.S. politics. Now, however, it’s June of 2018, and Steve Bannon has moved on from politics. Specifically, he’s moving onto cryptocurrency. Yes, you heard that right. Steve Bannon is reportedly now involved in the crypto space. Steve Bannon Moves into Crypto On Thursday, Bloomberg reported…

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