EOS Blockchain Goes Full Steam: Votes are Finally In

eos blockchain goes full steam votes are finally in

To say it’s been a bumpy start for the EOS blockchain might just be the understatement of the year. The voting process was long and winded, experiencing many unexpected delays, but it’s finally complete. The votes are in, and EOS is officially live. EOS Blockchain Voting System The 21 block producers have finally been elected, but it was a slow start to get there. If you’re unclear about EOS block producers, you can check out our break down. For a while, the voting process was stalled. 15% of all tokens…

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What is EOS? Block.one Explains EOS Project Through Series of Videos

what is eos block one explains eos project through series of videos

The EOS team has been releasing videos all week about the project, making it a great time for beginners to check out the EOS blockchain. We’re here to help break things down even further – what is EOS? Let’s find out. Who is Launching the EOS Blockchain? It’s not Block.one, if that’s what you’re thinking. Block.one is the team behind the development of EOS, but, as the first of the EOS videos explains, the EOSIO blockchain can only be launched by communities – not by any centralized organization, which is what…

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EOS Token Registration Reminder: Register Before June 1st

eos token registration reminder register before june 1st

The EOS token registration deadline is coming up soon. Are you ready? EOS Token Registration: Why Do I Need to Register? EOS holders need to register because, if they don’t, their EOS tokens are going to be frozen – in other words, they won’t be able to use their EOS tokens anymore. At the moment, EOS tokens are ERC20 tokens registered on the Ethereum network. When EOSIO 1.0 launches, EOS is going to separate from the Ethereum network and become its own platform. When that happens, any EOS tokens left…

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EOS Token Swap: Register Your EOS Coins Before They’re Frozen Forever

eos token swap register your eos coins before theyre frozen forever

EOS Token Swap – June 2nd is fast approaching; which means the deadline to register your ERC20 EOS tokens is drawing near. If you’ve traded for EOS tokens and currently hold them in your portfolio, you must register them with the EOS team to receive the new EOS tokens ran on the EOS blockchain. If you currently hold your coins on Binance, you won’t need to worry. The exchange announced a few months back they will handle all technical aspects of the token swap. Currently, EOS tokens are running on the Ethereum…

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EOS, Cardano (ADA), and NEM (XEM): Where Will They Go from Here?

eos cardano ada and nem xem where will they go from here

In a split crypto market, which direction are EOS, Cardano (ADA), and NEM (XEM) headed? EOS EOS is currently selling for $18.07, which puts the coin down 0.83% in the past 24 hours. EOS announced the launch of its EOSIO StackExchange site for the Private Beta Phase. “This is possibly the most important phase of the entire project and the community needs YOU now more than ever. It is during this ‘probationary’ period that we will discover how active and useful the site will really be,” EOS commented. The Beta…

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EOS, NEO, Ethereum [ETH], and Icon [ICX] Price – Lift Off

eos neo ethereum eth and icon icx price lift off

The cryptocurrency market has begun to stabilize. Just recently, the erroneous talk of Bitcoin’s “death” has kicked up again but it seems the top cryptocurrency is about to climb over the $7,000 mark today, once more. Everyone loves reading about drama and nothing would make big banks happier than to see cryptocurrency fall. Despite the cryptocurrency market downfall from its record highs in early January, it seems the market and coins have begun to slightly mimic the stock market. Coins aren’t rising hundreds of dollars a day in value like they were in…

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