Bitpanda Adds IOTA – A Light in the Dark Following Coinrail Hack

bitpanda adds iota a light in the dark following coinrail hack

Bitpanda adds IOTA: All incidences of hacking are unfortunate, but some more so than others. On the weekend of June 9th, Coinrail, a South Korean crypto exchange, was hacked. The Coinrail hack was so severe that all of the top 10 coins on the market are plunging today. Some coins are down because of it, and in reality, they should be celebrating. Take IOTA, for instance. This virtual currency has some exciting news, but it’s going unnoticed because the masses are primarily focused on the aftermath of the Coinrail hack.  We aren’t…

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Another Venture! IOTA Launched the IOTA Lab This Week with AKITA

another venture iota launched the iota lab this week with akita

IOTA is a distributed ledger protocol, and it is one that is constantly exploring new ventures. Over the last little while, we have seen IOTA enter into partnerships with NGOs, and provide details on the Qubic. The company’s latest venture was launched this week. It is called the IOTA Lab, and it was developed in partnership with AKITA.  The IOTA Lab Launch  The IOTA Lab was developed alongside AKITA, which is a blockchain-based startup. If you’ve never heard of AKITA before, it is a startup that focuses primarily on making DLT…

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IOTA Releases Qubic Project Details – Where are the MIOTA Coin Bulls? ?

iota releases qubic project details where are the miota coin bulls %f0%9f%90%82

When IOTA first revealed Qubic, IOTA coin bulls charged the scene. The coin soared, but the company was prepared for that sort of outcome. The company had forecasted that the market would react positively to the Qubic news, and they did. Some even said that was the announcement that was going to kick off IOTA’s turnaround.  Therefore, when the platform released news on the Qubic project on June 3rd and 4th, the company thought IOTA coin bulls would be making another appearance. Turns out, the company was wrong on that one. …

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IOTA Climbing After Volatile Month of May — Can it Continue?

iota climbing after volatile month of may can it continue

IOTA is still climbing today, adding to its recent gains. This comes at the same time as many of the top virtual currencies drop in value—specifically, Bitcoin (BTC), which is now well below the $8,000 mark. However, it’s good news for MIOTA. This is because the altcoin and organization have had a bit of a slow month. At least on the market and on the announcements front. IOTA | MIOTA Price  IOTA (MIOTA) is currently selling for $1.87. This puts MIOTA up 5.02% in the past twenty-four hours. The climb comes after a…

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It’s Here! IOTA Releases Trinity Mobile Wallet; Coin Up a Whopping 17%

its here iota releases trinity mobile wallet coin up a whopping 17

In what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, IOTA has released one of its most anticipated products. This week, IOTA released the Trinity Mobile Wallet. Respectively, the coin has been climbing on the crypto market ever since.  May has been a pretty calm month for IOTA, but this definitely turned things around. The IOTA community has become increasingly more enthusiastic since the release. Granted, part of this enthusiasm probably stems from the fact that the release of the Trinity Mobile Wallet was long overdue, but hey, it’s out and people…

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IOTA News: IOTA Signs MoU with UNOPS

iota news iota signs mou with unops

IOTA (MIOTA) has been slow out the gates the past couple weeks, but it looks like things may be turning around. It’s true that, at press time, IOTA (MIOTA) is down nearly 20%, but that’s probably due to the crypto market decline. Right now, there is some trending IOTA news, and it’s likely to only bring good things to the IOTA Foundation. First, however, let’s look at some IOTA price news. IOTA (MIOTA) Daily Chart  IOTA (MIOTA) is currently selling for $1.43. This puts the coin down 17.12% in the past…

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