Crypto World Cup Day 6: Warren Buffett vs. Andreas Antonopoulos

crypto world cup day 6 warren buffett vs andreas antonopoulos

Day 6 of the Crypto World cup has arrived and one of the biggest crypto bears out there comes with it – Warren Buffett! Does crypto reign supreme today or was Warren able to slash his claws and bring it down? Check out all that and more at the Crypto World Cup! If you don’t know them all yet, meet the players of our Crypto World Cup. Check out the results and highlights of today’s games Match 1: Warren Buffett 1-2 Andreas Antonopoulos Warren Buffett is known in the crypto…

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The Crypto World Cup: Meet the Players, Guess Who Wins

the crypto world cup meet the players guess who wins

It’s time for the next saga in our crypto game adventures – the Crypto World Cup! The world of crypto has a lot of big names. It’s about time they faced off with one another. Who will come out on top? Let’s meet the players! Crypto World Cup: Who’s Who Our crypto representatives come from all walks of crypto – token developers, crypto advocates, analysts, even some crypto naysayers. All of our fabulous crypto representatives were assigned randomly to a country playing in the FIFA World Cup. Their progress in…

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Crypto Bears vs. Crypto Bulls: The Who’s Who in Cryptocurrency

crypto bears vs crypto bulls the whos who in cryptocurrency

Crypto bears and crypto bulls – we know ’em, we love ’em, well, some of them at least. Shots have been fired in both directions, and the battle lines have been drawn. Who will come out on top? This is crypto bears vs. crypto bulls. Crypto Bears and Crypto Bulls First, what is a crypto bear or a crypto bull? These are some of cryptocurrencies’ base terms that you’ve no doubt seen getting thrown around on the market. At their simplest, a crypto bear is a downer on cryptocurrencies, and…

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Bitcoin News: Price Below $8,500; Jack Dorsey Talks BTC at Consensus 2018

bitcoin news price below 8500 jack dorsey talks btc at consensus 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped below the $8,500 mark. This is significant news, and it’s likely Bitcoin bears are going to try to drag the currency below the $8,000 mark during the remainder of the week. Will it happen, though? Only time will tell, but we can look to various mediums to see if there is any specific Bitcoin news bringing the price down today, but what may help to turn it around for the coin is Jack Dorsey on BTC— his thoughts are very interesting. Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Chart Bitcoin (BTC)…

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Consensus 2018: NYC Blockchain Week Brings in $17 million

consensus 2018 nyc blockchain week brings in 17 million

Consensus 2018 NYC Blockchain Week – After Bitcoin (BTC) catapulted in price at the latter half of 2017, the world began to take notice of cryptocurrency and its underlying technology the blockchain. At last year’s blockchain week, only 2,700 attendees were reported by CoinDesk. Yesterday, the final attendee count for the first day of the event was over 8,500. Final attendee count for #Consensus2018: ~8,500 — Barry Silbert (@barrysilbert) May 14, 2018 Consensus 2018 is bringing in at least $17 million in ticket sales this year, as tickets were running…

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Twitter CEO: Bitcoin Will Become The World’s Single Currency

twitter ceo bitcoin will become the worlds single currency

Twitter CEO, Mr. Jack Dorsey, said in an interview published today by the well-known British newspaper “The Times” that according to his predictions, Bitcoin will eventually dethrone the Dollar and the Euro from their position and become the most important currency worldwide. He said he believes that the globalized world is pointing towards the adoption of a single currency. A feature that is easier for Bitcoin than for the traditional FIAT currencies over which the dollar has a preponderant position: “The world ultimately will have a single currency; the internet will have a…

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