Coinbase Index Fund is Officially Open for Investment!

coinbase index fund is officially open for investment

The Coinbase Index Fund is now officially open for investment! Coinbase Index Fund Starting today, the Index Fund is open to investment starting from a minimum of $250,000 USD and ranging to a maximum of $20 million. It is only open for accredited investors who are residents in the US. First announced back in March 2018, the Coinbase Index Fund is meant to “give investors exposure to all digital assets listed on Coinbase’s exchange, GDAX, weighted by market capitalization,” where they have highlighted that they are “excited to give [Coinbase] customers…

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Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin(LTC) and Stellar(XLM) Added to Regulated Crypto Exchange itBit

ethereumeth bitcoin cash litecoinltc and stellarxlm added to regulated crypto exchange itbit

Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin(LTC), & Stellar(XLM) – New York-based regulated exchange, itBit, has just received approval from the State Department of Financial Services to offer more cryptocurrencies on its platform. We’re excited to announce that itBit has been approved to offer Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Stellar Lumens! — itBit (@itBit) June 14, 2018 Itbit announced this morning that it would begin offering custody, escrow, OTC trading, and exchange services for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin(LTC), and Stellar(XLM). itBit’s announcement reads: “Global crypto asset platform … Read…

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Ontology CarBlock Partnership: ONT Entering the Automotive Industry

ontology carblock partnership ont entering the automotive industry

An Ontology CarBlock partnership is forming, as Ontology decides to dip its toe into the automotive industry and join forces with the transportation blockchain CarBlock. Ontology CarBlock Partnership CarBlock is, according to its website, the first blockchain-based transportation solution that will eventually lead to easier handling of auto insurance, maintenance, dealerships, and automotive reports. According to the Ontology press release that was linked from its Twitter, the agreement between Ontology and CarBlock will allow both companies to “collaborate in core technology, integrate business resources, and cooperate in community operations.” As…

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Altcoin News | Stellar (XLM) and IOTA (MIOTA) Take a Cold Plunge

altcoin news stellar xlm and iota miota take a cold plunge

Altcoin News – Bitcoin (BTC) is down Wednesday, but so are the majority of the altcoins on the market. This is likely due to the Coinrail hack, which occurred over the weekend.  As all the top-ten coins are down today, we’ve had our pick of which coins to report on. After much debate, we’ve settled on Stellar and IOTA. Altcoin News | June 13, 2018  Stellar XLM Price  🚀 Stellar (XLM) is currently selling for $0.21. This puts XLM down 10.68% in the past twenty-four hours.  Source: CoinMarketCap … Read The…

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The Next 51%: Litecoin Cash (LCC) Under Attack

the next 51 litecoin cash lcc under attack

The latest trend in crypto is not one to be happy about. Litecoin Cash (LCC) can now be added to the list of smaller coins that are experiencing 51% attacks. Several days ago, Litecoin Cash was hit with a 51% attack. When a cryptocurrency is taken over by a 51% attack, it means that the majority of the blockchain has come under the control of one entity with the intentions of stealing cryptocurrency. 51% attacks use a large amount of computing power to do so, making it an incredibly expensive, but…

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LBRY Credits (LBC): What is the Digital Library Token?

lbry credits lbc what is the digital library token

The LBRY Credits (LBC) token wants to provide users with a digital library of all sorts of things. The library can include videos, music, and ebooks, and can be accessed from any device. What is LBRY Credits (LBC)? LBRY Credits describes itself as a protocol (not a platform) that people can build dApps on. These dApps are then meant to be able to interact with the content on the digital library of the LBRY network. For example, dApps can let creators upload their own content to LBRY. With LBRY, the…

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