Another Bullish Believer: Bitcoin Is The Future And USD Is A Scam

another bullish believer bitcoin is the future and usd is a scam

Bitcoin has recruited another influential bull in the form of Robert Kiyosaki — author of the famous financial self-help book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Kiyosaki has declared Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general as the “currencies of the people” and has gone even one abrasive step further by referring to the US dollar as a scam. According to the famous author, cryptos will outlive fiat currency, of which “the dollar is toast”. Currencies Of The People Kiyosaki’s strong opinion was aired on a Sane Crypto Podcast hosted by Kim Hughes. He also took the…

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Crypto Daily News: World Bank Prepping for Blockchain Bond and Facebook Exec Steps Down from Board at Coinbase

crypto daily news world bank prepping for blockchain bond and facebook exec steps down from board at coinbase

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover the World Bank preparing to launch the world’s first blockchain bond and why Facebook executive David Marcus is stepping down from Coinbase. Crypto Daily News: August 10th, 2018 World Bank Blockchain Bond According to CNBC, The World Bank has just made a huge announcement in the crypto space: it has mandated the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to carry out the world’s first blockchain bond. The bond will be called the ‘Kangaroo bond’ and it is referring to the foreign bonds that are…

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Crypto Daily News: Microsoft Runs Ethereum Tech that Gets Rid of Mining and OKEx Bitcoin Futures Trouble

crypto daily news microsoft runs ethereum tech that gets rid of mining and okex bitcoin futures trouble

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover Microsoft’s latest tech that runs on the Ethereum network and OKEx’s troubles launching its Bitcoin (BTC) futures. Crypto Daily News: August 8th, 2018 Microsoft Uses Ethereum Yesterday, the software giant Microsoft made a huge announcement debuting its latest Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) product. The product allows businesses across industry verticals to deploy a ‘flexible’ instance of Ethereum that is tailored specifically for enterprise environments. The Ethereum Proof-of-Authority on Azure, Microsoft’s product, allows enterprises to build applications on Ethereum that are…

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Opera Launching A Built-In Crypto Wallet For Its Desktop Web Browser

opera launching a built in crypto wallet for its desktop web browser

The Opera web browser will soon have a built-in crypto wallet for its desktop application. The new feature will be considered safer and efficient for Opera users as it allows them to store and use cryptos directly in the browser rather than have to install extensions or applications. The Opera Web Browser Crypto Wallet Opera already has a ‘test’ mobile crypto wallet which launched in July of this year as apart of the beta version of Opera for Android. And this mobile-wallet will be essential to the running of the desktop wallet.…

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Crypto Daily News: Barclays Denies Cryptocurrency Projects and Ethereum Classic (ETC) Launching on Coinbase Pro

crypto daily news barclays denies cryptocurrency projects and ethereum classic etc launching on coinbase pro

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover Barclays’ denial of any form of cryptocurrency projects, the number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs currently distributed around the world, and Ethereum Classic’s status on Coinbase Pro. Crypto Daily News: August 7th, 2018 Barclays’ Crypto Denial Large UK-based bank Barclays has just denied that it is working on any cryptocurrency products. Business Insider reported yesterday that two of its employees via LinkedIn have listed crypto-related duties on their profiles. Both Matthieu Jobbe Duval and Chris Tyrer have digital assets in their titles…

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Crypto Daily News: Bithumb Sees 40% Trading Volume Drop and Bitcoin Falls Despite NYSE News

crypto daily news bithumb sees 40 trading volume drop and bitcoin falls despite nyse news

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover why Bithumb has dropped nearly 40% in its trade volume and why Bitcoin (BTC) was unaffected by the NYSE news. Crypto Daily News: August 3rd, 2018 Bithumb Sees Slump in Trade Volume The world’s 13th largest cryptocurrency exchange by its current trade volume, Bithumb, has dropped a substantial amount since it was hacked back in June. Three days ago, the South Korean exchange halted all new user accounts, plus deposits and withdrawals, and its exchange volume dropped even further. In just…

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