Square Cash App Expands to All 50 US States and Allows All Members to Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

square cash app expands to all 50 us states and allows all members to buy bitcoin btc

Square just announced that with its Square Cash app, all users are now able to buy Bitcoin in all 50 US states. Red, white, and bitcoin. Now you can use Cash App to buy bitcoin in all 50 states. pic.twitter.com/D4fhVRz7WL — Cash App (@CashApp) August 13, 2018 Square Ahead of the Competition Square was originally founded by Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. The Cash App initially rolled out its Bitcoin services months ago but had to go state-by-state to get approval. Recently, it was reported that Square also secured the so-called ‘BitLicense’…

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Silk Road Questions Unanswered as Ulbricht Gathers 60K Clemency Signatures

silk road questions unanswered as ulbricht gathers 60k clemency signatures

News Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison back in 2015 for operating the Silk Road marketplace but many people believe he should be set free. The Ulbricht family, aided by his new Twitter account @RealRossU, has managed to gather close to 60,000 signatures in a petition for his clemency. Meanwhile, many questions surrounding the government’s Silk Road investigation and the sale of Ulbricht’s bitcoins. Also read: Coingeek Speaks on Consensus Changes and Next-Gen ASIC Chip The Many Unanswered Silk Road Questions Suppressed by the US Government Ross Ulbricht is…

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Crypto Cafe and Coworking Space ‘Hash House’ Established in Xi’an, China

crypto cafe and coworking space hash house established in xian china

News A new crypto cafe and coworking space, called Hash House, has been established in the city of Xi’an, China. It seems like a cool place to go whether you want to learn about the latest trends, develop your own project, or just grab a coffee for BCH. Also Read: The Daily: Huobi OTC to Support Dồng, Dymon Asia Backs Crypto Platform Say Hello to Hash House Hash House is a new crypto-themed cafe and coworking space in the Chinese city of Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province and home…

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Stablecoins Gaining Popularity in India to Minimize Central Bank’s Impact

stablecoins gaining popularity in india to minimize central banks impact

News A growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges in India are adding stablecoins such as trueusd (TUSD) and tether (USDT) to their platforms. They are part of the solutions exchanges have come up with in order to minimize the impact of the crypto banking ban imposed by the country’s central bank. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Unocoin Adds TUSD Unocoin, one of India’s largest crypto exchanges, announced on Wednesday the addition of TUSD to its crypto-to-crypto platform, Unodax. An ERC-20 token built on the Trusttoken platform, each…

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Bitcoin’s Return to Innovation: Changing the World Through Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

bitcoins return to innovation changing the world through peer to peer electronic cash

News Developer Gabriel Cardona was personally recruited to fast track development of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Open source, full featured development kit, Bitbox, his creation, has taken the community by storm, and it is now part of the Bitcoin.com developer universe. Money, Mr. Cardona likes to say, is critical to the human condition. And BCH and its blockchain are enabling financial sovereignty in a way which, he believes, is unique in history.Also read: Report: 15,000 Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway Bots Developer Gabriel Cardona Seeks a Path to Change the World Through…

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Brazil’s Pro Bitcoin Presidential Candidate: É Boa Pra Caramba!

brazils pro bitcoin presidential candidate e boa pra caramba

News É Boa Pra Caramba! roughly translated means ‘amazing’ in Brazilian Portuguese. Regional Bitcoiners might be using the expression more these days after Brazil New Party presidential candidate João Amoêdo came out recently as very pro-bitcoin. Mr. Amoêdo is heading into a contentious election this October. In an interview, when asked about cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, he thought it was neither a threat to his country’s financial system, and that it comes with certain “advantages.” Also read: Report: 15,000 Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway Bots Pro Bitcoin João Amoêdo is a…

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