Litecoin News: LTC Being Added to Wallet and dApp Browser Toshi

litecoin news ltc being added to wallet and dapp browser toshi

Toshi adds Litecoin: After listening to its customers, the wallet and dApp browser Toshi is going to be adding Litecoin (LTC) to its platform. Toshi Adds Litecoin One of the most common requests of Toshi was that it expand to other cryptocurrencies. Primarily, Toshi has been focused on Ethereum and Ethereum-based projects but it announced this week that Toshi will finally be adding support for other cryptos – including Litecoin! There’s no release date yet, but the buzz is already flying through the crypto sphere. Charlie Lee summed up the community’s excitement: ……

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Litecoin News: Charlie Lee Talks Blockchain Inefficiencies at Consensus 2018

litecoin news charlie lee talks blockchain inefficiencies at consensus 2018

Litecoin News: Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee sat down with CoinDesk at Consensus 2018 to talk CryptoKitties, blockchain inefficiencies, and money. Litecoin News: The Problem with Blockchain is… “Blockchains are inefficient by definition,” Lee stated. He explained that a decentralized system requires the replication of data, meaning that a whole bunch of computers have to keep track of all the data, rather than just one computer keeping track of it all. It requires a lot of extra work to keep things decentralized and this makes the decentralized systems less efficient…

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Pay With Litecoin: Here’s What You Can Buy with Litecoin (LTC)

pay with litecoin heres what you can buy with litecoin ltc

Litecoin started a campaign called Pay With Litecoin that has entered the Twitter-verse under the hashtag #PayWithLitecoin. Not sure what to buy with Litecoin (LTC) though? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of what you can buy with Litecoin (LTC). Pay With Litecoin (LTC) According to Litecoin, you can buy anything ranging from clothing and apparel to food and drink to an airplane ticket. This is a highlighted list of some of our favorite things that you can pay for with Litecoin. RE/MAX – Find a new…

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Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), and Litecoin (LTC): Project Updates

cardano ada tron trx and litecoin ltc project updates

The crypto market isn’t fairing well today, and neither are Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), or Litecoin (LTC). However, the projects are all progressing – here’s how. Cardano (ADA) Cardano (ADA) is currently selling for $0.330070, which puts the coin down 5.13% in the past 24 hours. Although Cardano is down for the day, the coin has made incredible progress in the last month, gaining 119.20% over the past four weeks. While not currently reflected in ADA’s price, Cardano is making developments in its project. Most recently, Charles Hoskinson signed a…

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