Bank Blockchain Budgets Increased by 67% in 2017

bank blockchain budgets increased by 67 in 2017

The use of blockchain technology in the financial industry has seemed to be increasing recently, and proof can be found in a recent report in a recent report by the US-based market intelligence company Greenwich Associates. Greenwich interviewed over 200 participants in the study over blockchain budgets, team sizes, use case exploration, key challenges and other issues to get its results. According to the report, companies in the financial services industry spent about $1.7 billion USD on blockchain in 2017, which is an increase of 67%. The number of companies that created…

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Luxembourg and VeChain – More Government Use of Blockchain Suggested

luxembourg and vechain more government use of blockchain suggested

Blockchain technology has shown that it can be beneficial to a multitude of industries, and even governments have been looking into ways to utilize and encourage it. Luxembourg, a small European country located between Germany, France, and Belgium, has become a part of this new blockchain-positive movement, as a delegation from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy visited the Shanghai office of VeCahain Foundation on Wednesday. A delegation from the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy visited the VeChain Shanghai office to learn more about the VeChainThor Blockchain. — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) June 13,…

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NY Consensus Day 2: The Practical Uses of Blockchain Technologies

ny consensus day 2 the practical uses of blockchain technologies

Over 30 events are going on at the same time at Blockchain week. So significant is this event that the attendance doubled last year’s numbers and the international coverage was so extensive that it even included non-specialized media. These figures show the importance that society is currently giving to blockchain-based technologies. The first day was hectic and exciting and the second day of the NY Consensus did not disappoint either. Even though many important topics were covered – so many that it was impossible to review them all – most…

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