Satoshi Nakamoto Hunted Internationally, Bounty Grows

satoshi nakamoto hunted internationally bounty grows

Crowdfunding #Findsatoshi is the latest effort to galvanize worldwide support in order to, once and for all, find the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The group has taken to an international crowdfunding campaign, enlisting world class private detectives from Japan to New York, and everywhere in-between.  Also read: Report: 15,000 Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway Bots #Findsatoshi Hunt is On Estonian German Neff has taken to a Russian crowdfunding site, hoping to raise nearly a quarter million dollars to finally discover the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous father.…

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Wendy McElroy: Free-Market Law Enforcement for Crypto

wendy mcelroy free market law enforcement for crypto

News The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations.Section 4: State Versus SocietyChapter 9, Part 6 Government is a law factory. It passes laws in the same manner that another type of factory extrudes metal molding…But, whereas a factory which extrudes metal molding is providing a product which is useful to the citizens generally, and which certain citizens will purchase voluntarily; the government factory extrudes compulsion which is useful principally to the government, itself, but is purchased [through taxes and other ‘fees’] in advance by the people, who are never…

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Crypto World Cup: Satoshi Nakamoto Takes Home Third Place

crypto world cup satoshi nakamoto takes home third place

63 games down and one more to go. Earlier, the Crypto World Cup third-place match took place, and, after a middling match, Satoshi Nakamoto secured the title of third place. Some argue that the third-place game in the Crypto World Cup means nothing; after all, it’s not like the winning crypto player gets a bronze medal, like in the Olympics. We disagree. We think getting to the third-place match in the Crypto World Cup is something to be proud of — even when being there means both crypto players lost…

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Hoskinson is On his Way to the Crypto World Cup Final!!!

hoskinson is on his way to the crypto world cup final

After a stonking-ly good match that had everyone on the edge of their seat, we finally have our first victor for the Crypto World Cup Final due to play on Sunday! Charles Hoskinson has earned his worthy place with his 1-0 defeat of Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto’s fans were obviously left devastated at the defeat; he had not reached the semi-finals in 32 years — riding on under-dog hopes, this could have been his year. If you haven’t been following and want to see who has taken part and been booted…

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Crypto World Cup Day 20:Brad Garlinghouse vs. Charles Hoskinson

crypto world cup day 20brad garlinghouse vs charles hoskinson

Today kicked off the quarterfinals of the Crypto World Cup and boy was the competition fierce! Many big names have already been eliminated, but who will be next? Let’s find out! Today’s competitors: Brad Garlinghouse vs. Charles Hoskinson & Cameron Winklevoss vs. Satoshi Nakamoto Check out the eight finalists that made it to the Quarterfinals! Check Out the Results and Highlights of Today’s Games  Match 1: Brad Garlinghouse 0-2 Charles Hoskinson Charles Hoskinson came onto the pitch with guns blazing this afternoon and blew Garlinghouse out of the water. Hoskinson…

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Crypto World Cup Update: We are into the Quarterfinals!

crypto world cup update we are into the quarterfinals

The Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals are finally here! Well, well, well we have found our final 8! This year’s knock-out stages were a lot of fun for us watching, not so much for some of our crypto players who suffered devastating defeats (Andreas Antonopoulos anyone? Satoshi Nakamoto’s last-minute winning goal was so incredibly last minute it was hard to comprehend.) And then there were the penalty shoot-outs — the word “exciting” doesn’t cut it. We had three deciders based on nail-biting penalty shoot-outs: Warren Buffet conceded to Justin Sun, Bill Barhydt to…

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