TRON [TRX]: Upbit & Bithumb Support TRX Token Swap

tron trx upbit bithumb support trx token swap

TRON [TRX] – The TRON main net launch is just over a week away. The project’s token swap isn’t anticipated for another few weeks, as the development team wants to ensure there aren’t any flaws in the main net before the tokens are moved over. TRON’s team is working with the exchanges that currently trade TRX and are getting them to support the token swap, which makes things much easier for the current ERC20 TRX holders. Justin Sun, TRON’s founder, just announced some big news. #TRX $TRX #Upbit will support #TRON…

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World of Ether Reveals First Gameplay; 6 Months in the Making

world of ether reveals first gameplay 6 months in the making

World of Ether  – Over six months ago, on a snowy December day in NYC World of Ether began its development cycle. A month later, the game opened its presale and sold nearly half a million USD of in-game presale assets, called “monster eggs,” in under just two days. Since then its community has grown and people have begged and pleaded in their chats for a glimpse into what they have been building. Over the weekend, at ConsenSys’s Ethereal Summit, the team showed just that. They gave a first look into…

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Age of Rust: A Blockchain Adventure Game Powered by SpacePirate

age of rust a blockchain adventure game powered by spacepirate

Age of Rust is a blockchain adventure game being developed by SpacePirate. The game involves roleplaying, strategizing, and battling other players. The reward? Cryptocurrency. Let the Adventure Begin Age of Rust transports players to a dystopian future where society has collapsed. This is the Age of Rust. Players will explore a bizarre galaxy where they will have to survive mercenaries such as privateers, bounty hunters, and rogue mechs— the futuristic robots that have turned against humanity. Players will travel to abandoned spacecraft, lost mines, secret bases, and hidden space stations…

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Etheremon Launches Adventure Mode

etheremon launches adventure mode

Etheremon Adventure Mode – Etheremon, a blockchain based crypto-collectible game held on the Ethereum blockchain, just announced a new feature to its platform. Etheremon is very similar to Pokemon, except for the fact that you are able to make a profit off of your ‘mons.’ Remember spending hours playing Pokemon on your GameBoy and one day you turn it on and find all of your hard-earned saved data has been lost completely? With the blockchain, this is no longer an issue. All the data from the game is stored on the…

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Tron (TRX) Main Net Updates – Are You Ready?

tron trx main net updates are you ready

The Tron (TRX) main net launch is just weeks away. The Tron team has made a concerted effort to inform its investors of the migration of its token to its platform. Which is a night and day difference from what the EOS team has currently done. Both coins are ERC20 tokens and will be migrating from the Ethereum blockchain to their own in June. Immediately when you enter the main Tron website there is a notice that pops up, and it reads: “Dear investors, TRON Mainnet is launching soon. Token migration from…

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Tron [TRX] Super Election & Tron Dogs Upgrade

tron trx super election tron dogs upgrade

Tron [TRX] has been ramping up lately, as the days are ticking down to May 31st when Tron’s main net is set to launch. Nearly two weeks ago, the Tron Foundation initiated their test net and TRX jumped nearly 50% in price just a few days later when the coin got listed on the exchanges UPbit and Bithumb. The Tron Foundation had 2,500 nodes running in 31 different countries around the world, in just a weeks time – impressive. While the main net should launch on May 31st, it isn’t fully…

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