DEA Agent: Speculators Are Using Bitcoin More Than Criminals

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Criminals accounted for about 90% of all bitcoin transactions five years ago and now decline to 10%. This is in line with Lilita Infante, a special agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (LDA), who told Bloomberg about the trends in the relationship between cryptocurrency and criminal activity. "Transactions and dollar values ​​have increased tremendously over the years in criminal activity, but the rate has declined, and the majority of deals have been used in price estimation," Infante said. Despite the fact that criminal activity has turned into investment and…

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Ukraine Election Official Launches Voting Trial Using NEM’s Blockchain

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A member of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission is investigating the use of blockchain in the election. Oleksandr Stelmakh works at the Central Election Commission of Ukraine and commented on the trial on Tuesday. The pilot began in July and encouraged Stelmakh to use Facebook's friends to participate in a "test vote" created by working with a local NEM Foundation group using NEM's block-chain platform. "One of the primary useful properties of the block chain is that the stored information can not be changed. This is the property we used…

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SEC Delays VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF Decision to September

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed the decision on the proposed bit coin ETF and made a final decision over a month. In an order issued on August 7, official officials wrote that they were giving more time to deliberate whether to approve the first product in the US to be a replacement product. Past SEC officials have withdrawn their decision on bitcoin ETFs using past agency authority. As the agency wrote: Accordingly, the Board shall specify the date on which September 30, 2018 is approved or denied…

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Coinbase Is Boosting Its Crypto Buying Limit to $25K a Day

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Cryptocurrency Launch Coinbase announced Tuesday that it will increase daily purchase limits and allow "on the fly" transactions following user bank transfers. According to current startups, customers must wait five days for funds to be settled. Coinbase, however, is inferring that "someone does not want to wait for the day to start cryptocurrency if they decide to join." Coinbase continued to pay attention. "While depositing via direct deposit from a bank account can take a few days while we support wire transfer via bank transfer and debit card, this update…

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Here’s the Bitcoin ETF Presentation Given to the SEC Last Week

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced a presentation by SolidWorks company Crypto StartX to its employees at the end of July, ahead of the anticipated decision on the BitXin Listing Index Fund. This public document, released on August 1, showed that representatives of SolidX, Cboe BZX Exchange, VanEck Securities Corporation and Patomak Global Partners met with the agency on July 31. The meeting included deals and markets, According to the Economic and Risk Analysis Division, according to the memorandum. While this document does not itself provide a blow…

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New Blockchain App Claims Its Already Tracking 760,000 Diamonds

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A subsidiary of ZhongAn Insurance, China's first web-only insurance company, said it has stored 760,000 pieces of diamond data in a block chain. Hong Kong-listed ZhongAn Technology announced the launch of the Jewel Tracking Block Chain application Tuesday, announcing the birth of the project to achieve a high level of traceability in the luxury industry. This product is sold through Diamsledger, a new subsidiary jointly created by ZhongAn and online diamond trading company Ediams. Built on ZhongAn's proprietary block-chain network and hosted on the Anlink cloud platform, this application is…

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