Ethereum (ETH) and VeChain Thor (VEN)/(VET) Coin Update

ethereum eth and vechain thor ven vet coin update

The cryptocurrency market is trading above $270 today. Most of the coins on the market are in the red, but late-Saturday the market surged nearly $15 billion within an hour. For most of 2018, the entire crypto market has been dancing around the $300 billion range. Let’s take a look at a few coins within the top 35 that have big events surrounding their project, including Ethereum (ETH) and VeChain Thor (VEN)/(VET). Ethereum (ETH) For the first time in history, Elon Musk has tweeted about Ethereum (ETH), but it isn’t what…

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Tron [TRX] & VeChain Thor [VEN] [VET] Fall Despite Big Movements

tron trx vechain thor ven vet fall despite big movements

Tron [TRX] & VeChain Thor [VEN] [VET] – The total cryptocurrency market has fallen below the $300 billion mark again – hitting a year-low reached back on April 1st. However, this time last year, the entire market cap was just over $100 billion. Will it drop below $200 billion again? We shall see. At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $6,748.79 a coin, down –4.45%, in 24 hours. Ethereum is trading at $473.70 a coin, down -10.03% and Ripple (XRP) is trading at $0.531 a coin, down -8.54%, in…

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Luxembourg and VeChain – More Government Use of Blockchain Suggested

luxembourg and vechain more government use of blockchain suggested

Blockchain technology has shown that it can be beneficial to a multitude of industries, and even governments have been looking into ways to utilize and encourage it. Luxembourg, a small European country located between Germany, France, and Belgium, has become a part of this new blockchain-positive movement, as a delegation from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy visited the Shanghai office of VeCahain Foundation on Wednesday. A delegation from the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy visited the VeChain Shanghai office to learn more about the VeChainThor Blockchain. — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) June 13,…

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VeChain Thor Test Net Now Live – Main Net & Token Swap on the Horizon

vechain thor test net now live main net token swap on the horizon

VeChain Thor – The VeChain Foundation announced an hour ago that the VeChain Thor public test net is now available on Github. The #VeChainThor Public Testnet is now available. Please visit our Github to see the available source code. — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) June 8, 2018 VeChain announced its rebranding and project’s new direction back in late-February of this year. During the time of rebranding, the project prematurely announced its partnership with BMW. VeChain is one of the oldest blockchain projects in the crypto space. … Read The Full…

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VeChain Thor [VEN] [VET] Public Beta Launch – New Development Plan & Whitepaper

vechain thor ven vet public beta launch new development plan whitepaper

VeChain Thor [VEN] [VET] – The VeChain Foundation unveiled a few days ago, a new development plan and whitepaper for its project. Unveiling our “Development Plan and Whitepaper” with an updated governance structure, economic model, and new use cases. This piece will gradually be updated throughout its existence to reflect the goals and growth of the VeChainThor Blockchain. — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) May 20, 2018 This new development plan is centered around four key obstacles that the foundation feels must be overcome in order for widespread adoption of cryptocurrency to…

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, & VeChain (VEN) Price Jump – Big Partnerships

bitcoin cash bch dash vechain ven price jump big partnerships

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, & VeChain (VEN) – This week has been extremely quiet. There haven’t been any big updates to any of the major blockchain projects. Months ago, the market’s volatility ran high as various countries began implementing various regulations to try and control cryptocurrency. Lately, however, the governments have remained fairly quiet since the latest G20 summit and the market has remained somewhat ‘consistent’ in response. At press time, the entire market cap is sitting just over $435 billion. Let’s take a look at the coins that are…

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