Crypto World Cup Day 21: Justin Sun vs. Willy Woo

crypto world cup day 21 justin sun vs willy woo

It’s Crypto World Cup Day 21. Justin Sun takes on Willy Woo and Charlie faces off against CryptoYoda. Who will move on and who will be knocked out? Today’s the final day of the quarterfinals and the last chance to take your guesses at the final two teams who will be moving into the semifinal round. How did the games go today? Let’s take a look! Check out the results and highlights of today’s games Match 1: Willy Woo 0-2 Justin Sun On paper, this seemed like it would be…

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Crypto World Cup Day 19: Warren Buffet vs. Justin Sun

crypto world cup day 19 warren buffet vs justin sun

Day 19 of the Crypto World Cup is over, and so is the fourth day of the round of 16.  The games today were definitely something else. While the score count remained low, the matches saw other things occur that made up for that. However, those things weren’t necessarily all good.  Let’s dive in. If you missed it, here’s who is playing in the round of 16.  Check Out the Results and Highlights of Today’s Games  Match 1: Willy Woo 1-0 David Schwartz  This match was a tough one. For…

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Crypto World Cup Day 14: Roger Ver vs. Anthony Pompliano

crypto world cup day 14 roger ver vs anthony pompliano

Day 14 of the Crypto World Cup was a wild one! Roger Ver faced off against Anthony Pompliano in what turned out to be a shocker of a game. Plus, Willy Woo pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes. Meet the players of this year’s Crypto World Cup. Check out the results and highlights of today’s games Match 1: Brian Armstrong 0-3 Willy Woo The stakes were high today, especially for Willy Woo. Armstrong, having won his last two games, was already guaranteed a spot in the next round, and while…

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Crypto World Cup Day 10: Satoshi Nakamoto vs. Jed McCaleb

crypto world cup day 10 satoshi nakamoto vs jed mccaleb

Day 10 of the Crypto World Cup has officially concluded, and it was quite the doozy!  Saturday’s matches saw Satoshi Nakamoto alienate Jed McCaleb.  We also saw a tight game between Anthony Pompliano and Brian Armstrong, with the latter coming back in injury time. Day 10 of the Crypto World Cup ended with Roger Ver facing off with Willy Woo in what ended up being a nail-biting game. If you don’t know yet, meet the players of our 2018 Crypto World Cup!  Match 1: Satoshi Nakamoto 5-2 Jed McCaleb  The game…

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The Crypto World Cup: Meet the Players, Guess Who Wins

the crypto world cup meet the players guess who wins

It’s time for the next saga in our crypto game adventures – the Crypto World Cup! The world of crypto has a lot of big names. It’s about time they faced off with one another. Who will come out on top? Let’s meet the players! Crypto World Cup: Who’s Who Our crypto representatives come from all walks of crypto – token developers, crypto advocates, analysts, even some crypto naysayers. All of our fabulous crypto representatives were assigned randomly to a country playing in the FIFA World Cup. Their progress in…

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Willy Woo Predicts Bitcoin Will Fall Further

willy woo predicts bitcoin will fall further

The broader market selloff has wiped $146 billion off of the cryptocurrency market in the last three weeks alone. The majority of the top ten coins posted a double-digit decline in the previous week. Cardano (ADA) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) were among the biggest losers. Both coins lost 25% of their value last week. Ethereum (ETH) was the third biggest loser followed by Stellar (XLM) and IOTA (MIOTA). The market participants and technical analysts, on the other hand, are seeing the extension of the bearish trend into this week. Willy Woo,…

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