Ripple Labs Slapped With Yet Another XRP Lawsuit: Round 4

ripple labs slapped with yet another xrp lawsuit round 4

Ripple is no stranger to being slapped with lawsuits. Based on yesterday’s announcement, it appears a fourth Ripple lawsuit is underway as well. Why? And is the coin suffering on the market because of it? Ripple Lawsuit #4 On Wednesday, Rosen Law Firm announced that it is investigating Ripple Labs. Similar to the other lawsuits, the New York-based firm announced that it is looking into whether Ripple violated federal securities laws, specifically in connection with its sale of XRP coins. Moreover, Rosen Law Firm disclosed that it is preparing a…

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Ripple (XRP) Announces Former President Bill Clinton as Keynote Speaker and Crypto Investors Aren’t Impressed

ripple xrp announces former president bill clinton as keynote speaker and crypto investors arent impressed

Ripple (XRP) just made a major announcement on its Twitter page yesterday that has the crypto community buzzing. It seems that former US President Bill Clinton is speaking at the Ripple Swell conference in early-October. Bill Clinton is Speaking at the Ripple Swell Conference We’re thrilled to announce @BillClinton as keynote speaker for this year’s #SwellbyRipple. For more details: — Ripple (@Ripple) July 31, 2018 What Bill Clinton has to do with blockchain and cryptocurrency is not immediately clear, but it must be enough to put his face all over ……

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Ripple Partners with Madonna to Raise Funds for Malawi Orphanage

ripple partners with madonna to raise funds for malawi orphanage

Ripple is back at it again with the partnerships. A few months ago, it seemed like there was a new Ripple partnership or donation every week. Then things slowed down. This week, the Ripple I know is back. This week, we’ve heard about the Ripple Madonna partnership. And it’s true. Ripple Madonna Partnership: Another One! On Monday, pop icon Madonna announced that she would be partnering with Ripple. The crypto startup also confirmed the news. But why did they partner? Well, Ripple will be raising funds for Raising Malawi, the non-profit…

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Ripple (XRP) Tech Being Used for New Decentralized Crypto Exchange

ripple xrp tech being used for new decentralized crypto exchange

DCEX uses Ripple tech, entering the crypto market as a brand new decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace with Ripple (XRP) at its core. According to a press release published yesterday, the San Francisco-based platform just opened registration for institutional and retail investors. DCEX Uses Ripple Tech The new platform was developed by the blockchain firm AlphaPoint and in its beginning stages will offer only 15 different cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trading pairs, all against XRP—the base trading crypto on DCEX. The 15 cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS,…

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Australian Crypto Exchange to Enable Ripple Trading This Week!

australian crypto exchange to enable ripple trading this week

Independent Reserve trades Ripple: Cryptocurrencies elicit positive and negative reactions. Investors love them for their innovation and ability to make cash quickly. Without crypto exchanges supporting their growth, however, certain currencies would have gone under, mostly due to suspicion and speculation. Take Ripple (XRP), for instance. Over time, XRP has become a fan favorite, and yet, large institutions remain skeptical (i.e., Coinbase and the SEC). All but one, that is. Alone among these institutions, Sydney-based crypto exchange Independent Reserve is a clear exception. Independent Reserve Trades Ripple On Wednesday, in the wake…

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Kotak Mahindra Joins RippleNet: Another Bank Using xCurrent

kotak mahindra joins ripplenet another bank using xcurrent

Kotak Mahindra joins RippleNet: Yes, it’s true: another financial institution has joined the RippleNet. This is yet another example of how Ripple is working towards solving real-world problems. On Wednesday, Kotak Mahindra, an Indian bank, posted a press release, in which it stated that it has entered into a collaboration with Ripple. Specifically, Kotak Mahindra will both be joining RippleNet and using xCurrent for issues associated with cross-border remittances. Kotak Mahindra Joins RippleNet: What We Know In the press release, Kotak Mahindra disclosed that it will be using Ripple’s xCurrent in order…

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