Envion Review

a new and extraordinary cryptocurrency envion maximizing the value of energy worldwide

Envion designs, builds, maintains, and operates automated, low-maintenance, mobile crypto-mining units. Envion’s Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) are modular, scalable, and manage a variety of electricity sources in varying climate conditions.


Built in a 20ft standard intermodal container, they have a proprietary cooling system and an intake of more than 100 KW (depending on configuration). Envion’s Unified Mining Cloud (UMC) manages MMU operations worldwide, finding the optimal mining strategy depending on the traded price of the cryptocurrency, mining difficulty, real-time energy price at the location, hardware generation, and other factors. The company is also developing a Smart Energy Sourcing (SES) database, for identifying and securing locations with low energy prices, based on price structures, feed-in tariffs for renewables, grid fees, taxes, etc.



“Our mobile mining units will be distributed to power plants and businesses with spare capacities around the world, ensuring a truly decentralized cryptomining infrastructure.” Mobile mining units can be a cool addition to any utility plant or business with spare capacity (or they can be considered inferior to well-placed stationary ones operating full-time). The MMUs can also provide heat to offset costs during the cold season. The company says that field testing is currently underway, and invites viewers to check out the first operating Mobile Mining Unit in action via a link to the mining dashboard (https://www.envion.org/en/mobile-mining-unit/). Real feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and functionality not clear yet.


Use of Blockchain

Mobile mining units are an innovative addition to the ecosystem (but it is not certain that Envion’s solution is as feasible or cost-effective as they claim). The company also touts a patented cooling system 40 times more efficient than traditional data centers (?). However, mining operations are essentially centralized, owned and managed by Envion (or licensed third parties?). Tokens entitle holders to dividends from earnings and to certain, unspecified, voting rights on matters of strategy.



The company intends to increase efficiency and detect pockets of low-cost energy worldwide; to explore the possibility of using MMUs with renewable energy sources at overcapacity; to integrate the MMU system into smart grids; and to transform MMU technology into a datacenter technology with broader applications. Envion has started an R&D cooperation with the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, assessing to what extent overcapacities of solar grids can be used for MMUs, and to analyze the economic viability of relocation of MMUs. In order to make the EVN available to the general public, the company also intends to enter regulatory processes with financial authorities in various jurisdictions, primarily Switzerland, the US, and potentially the European Union.


Company and Team

Envion is a Swiss-based startup from Berlin, Germany. 15 employees listed on LinkedIn. While the listed team members and advisors appear to be qualified and experienced in their fields, these fields are mostly either business or software (inc. blockchain) related, so it is not clear where the hardware know-how comes from.


Token Sale

Maximum token supply is 150 million with a nominal price of $1. Token distribution: 83% – investors, 10% – founders, company – 7% (e.g. for remuneration of advisors, bounty). Any tokens not allocated to investors, founders or the company shall not be created. Use of proceeds: 91% – Investment in Mobile Mining Units (MMUs), 9% – Research & Development and Administration. (Investment per MMU is estimated to be between $100K and $150K). If ICO raises less than $7m, Envion will focus on third-party business.


Website: https://www.envion.org

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