Here you will find a list of known ICO scams or at least questionable ICO / ITO’s.  Whether it be the people behind the coin or the lack of them and or anything else that just doesn’t seem right, you will find them here.  If you know of one that we haven’t posted, mention it in the comments and we will research that particular coin and if we find anything dodgy, we will add your suggestion to our list.


This started as a list of ponzi schemes only, but I’ve also found some pyramid schemes, (and quite a few that I think are both), so I’ve added them here as well. The ponzi and pyramid schemes currently around (that I’m aware of) are:

  1. BCC Cash (note that this is different from Bitcoin Cash)
  2. BCHconnect
  3. Billion Bit Club
  4. Binary Coin
  5. Bit Sequence
  6. BitAI
  7. Bitchamps
  8. Bitclub/clubcoin
  9. Bitcoin Ascension (pyramid scheme)
  10. Bitconnect X
  11. Bitether
  12. Bitfinite
  13. Bitfintech
  14. Bitglare Coin
  15. Btchash
  16. Btc-Rush
  17. Btcwait
  18. Chrysos
  19. Coinrium
  20. Cointeum
  21. Coinspace
  22. Dascoin
  23. Ecomcash
  24. Eigencoin
  25. ETHconnect
  26. Etherbanking
  27. Exacoin
  28. Falcon Coin
  29. Farstcoin
  30. Ficoin
  31. Firstcoin
  32. Forzacoin
  33. Futurecoin
  34. FUU Coin
  35. Gold Reward Token
  36. Goldgate
  37. Hedgeconnect
  38. Hextracoin
  39. Home Block Coin
  40. HotCrypto
  41. Hydrocoin
  42. Ibiscoin
  43. iCenter
  44. Ideacoin
  45. iFan
  46. Iotaconnect
  47. Knox Coin
  48. Legendcoin
  49. Lendconnect
  50. Lendera
  51. Libra Coin
  52. Liteconnect
  53. Loancoin
  54. Martcoin
  55. Moneroconnect
  56. Monetize Coin
  57. Monyx
  58. Neoconnect
  59. Numiv
  60. Oalend Coin
  61. Onecoin
  62. Pagarex
  63. Purpose/DUBI
  64. Regalcoin
  65. Rothscoin
  66. Secular Coin
  67. SFICoin
  68. Steneum
  69. Stepium (pyramid scheme)
  70. Swisscoin (pyramid scheme)
  71. Tenocoin
  72. TEX Coin
  73. Thorn Coin
  74. Ucoin Cash
  75. Unix Coin
  76. USI Tech
  77. WCI
  78. Western Coin
  79. XRPconnect

Defunct ponzi schemes:

  1. Ambis
  2. Bitcoinly
  3. Bitconnect
  4. Bithaul
  5. Bitlake
  6. Bitpetite
  7. Bitsupreme
  9. Chain.Group
  10. Coinreum
  11. Control Finance
  12. Cryptodouble
  13. Davor
  14. Ethtrade
  15. Laser Online
  16. LoopX
  17. Mavro
  18. Mecoin
  19. Metizer
  20. Microhash
  21. Paycoin
  22. Plexcoin
  23. Thunderbit
  24. Vixice
  25. Vone

Note that the above coins/services are only ones that we think are very likely to be ponzi/pyramid schemes, it’s difficult to be 100% sure but these show a lot, if not all the signs. There are many other scams out there, but we haven’t included them here because many of them are controversial, so deciding with great certainty if some are scams would be much more difficult, and because making this post is already a lot of work.

If you know of one that we haven’t posted, mention it in the comments and we will research that particular coin and if we find anything dodgy, we will add your suggestion to our list.

One Thought to “SCAMS”

  1. CryptoTank

    A lot of ICO’s out there are 100% legitimate companies and will go on to do great things, but should they launch an ICO and should it be called a scam..? The reason being, these great companies are using ICO’s as a route to investment with no real strategy to how they can add / increase the value of the coin. People who buy coins do not get shares when the company behind the ICO does well and the success of the company has no control over the success of the coin. It’s a lucky dip as to which coin may or may not make money. I believe if a company doesn’t have equal focus on their ICO as they do on their main business we should all be skeptical and stay away because it’s not necessarily a scam business but it’s definitely a scam coin

    Once the companies have their millions from investors, do they really care about the value of their coin if their business is booming?!

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