Top Crypto News | June 11 – June 15, 2018

top crypto news june 11 june 15 2018

Top Crypto News – The second full week of June is now over, and a lot of stuff went down. To say that the week started off poorly would be a bit of an understatement, too. However, things picked up towards the end of the week. In this article, we will be covering both the good and the bad. So, without further adieu, here is this week’s top crypto news.  Top Crypto News | June 11 – June 15, 2018 Monday, June 11 Monday was not a good day. News…

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The Kings of the Cryptocurrency Industry In 2018

the kings of the cryptocurrency industry in 2018

Cryptocurrency influencers – Cryptocurrency is a piece of financial technology that has taken the world by storm. This new type of digital currency has gone from strength to strength since the idea behind Bitcoin was originally released in 2009. Bitcoin set the standard for cryptocurrencies and pushed developers to experiment as people saw its potential. We now have a multitude of different cryptocurrencies available for purchase in the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are seeing an increase in acceptance as a valid form of payment in many industries,…

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The Litecoin 2018 Summit: Who’s Going to Be There?

the litecoin 2018 summit whos going to be there

Yesterday, the Litecoin Foundation announced the Litecoin 2018 Summit, a chance for Litecoin enthusiasts everywhere to gather and discuss all things LTC. We’re pleased to announce that we are now accepting exhibitors for the Litecoin 2018 Summit (Sept. 14 & 15 in San Francisco). Interested businesses that accept #Litecoin, exchanges or organizations in the community, can email for more info. — Litecoin Foundation (@LTCFoundation) June 4, 2018 Businesses and merchants that accept Litecoin (LTC) are more than welcome – and encouraged – to join the event, as well as…

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Highlights of Ripple in May 2018: The New Mixed with the Old

highlights of ripple in may 2018 the new mixed with the old

In an almost perfect sea of red, Ripple (XRP) stands out this Wednesday morning. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the red, however, XRP is sporting a bright, green look. This is nice to see, and it gets even better when you realize it’s the second to last day of May. Is this an indication of where Ripple will be in June 2018? It’s hard to say, but considering the performance – on the news front – by Ripple in May 2018, it’s safe to say there are good things…

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Memorial Day 2018: Check out the Vets Leading the Way in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

memorial day 2018 check out the vets leading the way in blockchain and cryptocurrency

Military Veterans have “served; the term “served” is not used to describe other noble professions like doctors or teachers, rather it is reserved for Veterans and for good reason. Veterans give back to those around them. Veterans tend to be mission focused and are motived by a higher purpose. Those traits are also common among many leaders in the Blockchain Community. This means that Veterans are well suited for leadership roles in blockchain companies. Here are few examples of some of the Veterans who are shaping the future of the…

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Tom Lee Explains Why Consensus 2018 Didn’t Boost BTC Prices

tom lee explains why consensus 2018 didnt boost btc prices

The NY Consensus 2018 has become the most important and expected event in the crypto ecosystem. The best projects, authorities, and influencers gathered together last week to share ideas and make announcements that could potentially revolutionize the industry. Many expected that during the week, Bitcoin price would rise as a result of increased market confidence. Such an approach would be logical, as, in previous years, cryptos followed this behavior. One of the first to talk about this pattern is Tom Lee, CEO of Fundstrat. In an interview for CNBC, he…

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