On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for Off-Chain BTC

on chain bch used in a submarine swap for off chain btc

Technology & Security This week an individual revealed he had completed the first trustless swap by trading on-chain bitcoin cash (BCH) for off-chain bitcoin core (BTC) using Alex Bosworth’s submarine swap protocol. Also read: Illegal Activity No Longer Dominant Use of Bitcoin: DEA Agent On-Chain Bitcoin Cash Submarine Swapped for Off-Chain BTC The decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin cash (BCH) was traded over the Lightning Network this week for off-chain bitcoin core (BTC). According to an individual on Reddit named u/Darkdeepths, he says he’s been fortunate to see Bosworth’s submarine swap testing and…

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$14 million worth of BTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP Stolen from Bithumb Hack

14 million worth of btc eth bch and xrp stolen from bithumb hack

Bithumb hack: Last week, the world’s 11th largest cryptocurrency exchange by its 24-hour trade volume, Bithumb, announced that it had been hacked. The initial reports suggested that close to 35 million Korean won ($31 million USD) had been taken from its platform. Several cryptocurrencies were stolen, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The original translated tweet read: “[Urgent notice] to stop the front of the withdrawal service password please stop the money transfer. Today, about 35 billion in the morning, the size of the password was…

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Soon Accepted at Tens-of-Thousands of Retailers in Japan

bitcoin cash bch soon accepted at tens of thousands of retailers in japan

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Roger Ver, popularly known as the ‘Bitcoin Jesus,’ had an interview with Corbin Fraser recently and announced big news with his project. Ver is currently the ‘face’ of Bitcoin Cash and has been making strong predictions about the coin recently. New Weekly Show with @rogerkver and @corbinfraser is up on our YouTube Channel. Watch it here—> https://t.co/CUoeiS1PRr Mentions in the show @handcashapp @JihanWu @rory_macdonald @eatBCH @eatBCH_SS @TravelbyBit @BrisbaneAirport #Bitcoin #BitcoinCash #BCH — Bitcoin News (@JennieShafe) June 2, 2018 In the interview posted above, Ver … Read…

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Tron (TRX) & Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Tread Rough Waters – Upside Ahead

tron trx bitcoin cash bch tread rough waters upside ahead

Tron (TRX) & Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – This weekend, the cryptocurrency market began digging itself out of its hole made in May but unfortunately, has corrected again this morning. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading just below $7,500, and Ethereum (ETH) is nearly at $600, a coin. News broke early this morning that open-sourced GitHub will be acquired by Microsoft, and this could very well be the reason the market is in the red. Many developers aren’t happy, but I wouldn’t see them cashing in just yet – this may be…

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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is Running Without 13% of its Nodes

bitcoin cash bch is running without 13 of its nodes

Back on May 15th, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] controversially hard-forked its network; unfortunately, has yet to regain all of its nodes in the process. https://t.co/AwdEZzKoAk #BCHforEveryone pic.twitter.com/n6ttvO73G7 — Bitcoin Cash (@BITCOlNCASH) May 15, 2018 The website Cash Coin Dance keeps track of the nodes running the Bitcoin Cash network and has found that 13% of Bitcoin Cash nodes have yet to move over to the newly upgraded network. 13% of BCash nodes are still not following the new hardfork. https://t.co/AlKs8CyuFB pic.twitter.com/oJecVQ39hX — Ben Verret ⚡ (@verretor) May 28, 2018 … Read…

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & Tron (TRX) – Price Roller Coaster & Project Upgrades

bitcoin cash bch tron trx price roller coaster project upgrades

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & Tron (TRX) – Most of the cryptocurrency market is in the green today, after slowly declining the whole month of May. Source: CoinMarketCap Presently, the total cryptocurrency market cap is just above $331 billion. Most coins have seen high volatility the past two weeks, but let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin Cash and Tron today. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitcoin Cash made its split from Bitcoin (BTC) on August 1st of last year, and presently, it is the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap. … Read…

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