Bitcoin Cash Stabilizes, But Tron Is Making Dramatic Moves

bitcoin cash stabilizes but tron is making dramatic moves

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is stable today, but TRON (TRX) is outperforming industry trends: Bitcoin Cash is among the crypto coins that have been making noteworthy sideways moves over the last two months. Its price has stabilized around $1,300 range today. The BCH coin hit $1,800 mark a few days ago before falling back to $1,100 on last Friday. The downside volatility in Bitcoin Cash price was unexpected. The market participants were expecting BCH coin to hold the momentum instead of losing all the gains in few days. The selloff was…

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Bitcoin Price Watch – BTC/USD Slips Below $8,500

bitcoin price watch btc usd slips below 8500

On Tuesday morning, Bitcoin price slipped below $8,500 once again after the cryptocurrency managed a slight comeback over the weekend. Its trading volume was not sufficient to maintain the latest bull run. BTC/USD Back Down To $8,200. The sell-off Subsides. As of 12:30 PM EST, Bitcoin price is sitting at around $8,200. However, BTC/USD is currently on another upward trend that is testing a major resistance level at $8,250. A break above that could send Bitcoin price further toward the $8,300 mark it was trading at earlier today. The major…

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Bitcoin Cash Price Update; Brian Kelly is Positive for BCH

bitcoin cash price update brian kelly is positive for bch

Market analysts seem enthusiastic towards Bitcoin Cash price (BCH) and this is strengthening trader sentiments. The Bitcoin Cash network has been increasing trader confidence since its developers began implementing infrastructural improvements. Brian Kelly has suggested that investors buy Bitcoin Cash for the potential gains as BCH is a must own cryptocurrency and offers an attractive entry point. BCH miner’s strategy to support BCH developers and professional programmers enhanced Kelly’s optimism in BCH coin future fundamentals. In the fund, miners are “going to take some of the rewards they get from…

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Joe Davis; Vanguard Economist, Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Crash to Zero

joe davis vanguard economist predicts bitcoin price will crash to zero

Joe Davis; Vanguard economist believes that Bitcoin price (BTC) will crash to zero, and it will never emerge as reliable currency. Bitcoin price remains range-bound after falling 15% from three months high of $9,900 level. The bearish trend has been receiving support from influential icons. The debate over the use of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange is also contributing to the sell-off. Bitcoin price trades around the $8,300 level today. Altcoins are in the red after a short rally at the beginning of the week.  The total cryptocurrency market hovers…

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