Y Combinator’s New China Chief Is Bullish on Blockchain

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Y Combinator (YC) has just announced a new business in China, and its supervisor has reported that the Blank chain will bring long-term benefits to venture companies Silicon Valley-based seed investment company, which created a notable start-up, including Reddit, Dropbox and Crypto Exchange Coinbase, announced Wednesday that it has entered the Chinese market in a blog post. Lu Qi – Baidu's former chief operating officer – will be in charge of the new arm. In an interview with the local media, Lu, 36, Lu commented that YC China's main goal…

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Another Bullish Believer: Bitcoin Is The Future And USD Is A Scam

another bullish believer bitcoin is the future and usd is a scam

Bitcoin has recruited another influential bull in the form of Robert Kiyosaki — author of the famous financial self-help book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Kiyosaki has declared Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general as the “currencies of the people” and has gone even one abrasive step further by referring to the US dollar as a scam. According to the famous author, cryptos will outlive fiat currency, of which “the dollar is toast”. Currencies Of The People Kiyosaki’s strong opinion was aired on a Sane Crypto Podcast hosted by Kim Hughes. He also took the…

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Bitcoin is Bullish but the G20’s Still out on Regulation

bitcoin is bullish but the g20s still out on regulation

Bitcoin is bullish and then some. The coin is still on an impressive bull-run. The run has extended over 10 days and doesn’t seem to be slowing. Yes, Bitcoin may have taken a step back here and there in its climb, but it has continually managed to take two steps forward.  At the time of writing the price is $7,710 – it did reach a two-month high of 7,800 earlier this morning – but the current stand-point still represents a rise of over 3.3% in the last 24 hours. BTC has…

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TenX’s Julian Hosp is Bullish About BTC Predicting a $60K Height in 2018

tenxs julian hosp is bullish about btc predicting a 60k height in 2018

You gotta love the believers. TenX’s co-founder Julian Hosp is definitely bullish about market leader BTC with his prediction for the second half of 2018. At the RISE tech conference in Hong Kong the crypto wallet and card start-up founder said to CNBC: “I predicted for 2018, we’re going to see $5,000 and $60,000. So $5,000, we pretty much hit it, so let’s see if we can do the $60,000. I’m still quite confident.” The Julian Hosp Prediction It’s an interesting range-covering prediction. And while the coin has come “close”…

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Bitcoin Cash Price Watch – BCH/USD Back On Bullish Run, Looking To Break $900

bitcoin cash price watch bch usd back on bullish run looking to break 900

Bitcoin Cash Price Watch: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) returns to bull run. Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash price bounced back from its decline this past weekend, now looking to break $900 once again. BCH/USD is back on a bullish run after establishing support at around $860. The $910 price level is considered a major resistance point. Bitcoin Cash Price Watch: BCH/USD Looking To Overtake $900 On Wednesday, Bitcoin Cash price continued to recover from its decline this past weekend, reaching a high of $909 before pulling back below $900. BCH/USD is now…

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Bitcoin Price Watch – BTC/USD On Bullish Run, Testing Resistance At $6,800

bitcoin price watch btc usd on bullish run testing resistance at 6800

Bitcoin price watch: Bitcoin continued its bullish run on Wednesday morning, moving firmly past the $6,700 level and testing a major resistance at $6,800. Bitcoin has been on an upward trajectory recently, having recovered by more than 5% since the beginning of last week. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency received a further boost as Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein commented on the future of Bitcoin with an optimistic tone. During a talk at The Economic Club of New York, Blankfein, who has been relatively more upbeat about Bitcoin than some of his…

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