MasterCard Blockchain: Payment Solutions and Fake IDs

mastercard blockchain payment solutions and fake ids

MasterCard blockchain: MasterCard is looking into blockchain technology on several fronts. Most recently, the focus has turned to garnering more efficient payment solutions and dealing with the issue of fake IDs. MasterCard Blockchain: Payment Solutions MasterCard has dabbled in blockchain for a while now. Back in October 2017, MasterCard offered the ability to send money via the blockchain. Stemming from that, in November 2017, MasterCard filed for a patent based on a blockchain-backed money transfer solution that would offer instant payments. Now, MasterCard is taking the next step towards coming up…

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Fake Twitter Accounts and Scam Giveaways – A Problem for Crypto?

fake twitter accounts and scam giveaways a problem for crypto

If you’re in the crypto sphere on Twitter, then you’re probably aware of the multitude of fake crypto Twitter accounts that are spamming scam giveaways. Like an annoying mosquito, these tweets just keep on coming – so, how much of a problem is it really? Almost all of the big honchos of crypto have had their accounts imitated – from crypto founders to crypto exchanges – and for some of the names, it’s hard to spot the difference between real and fake (i.e. @SatoshiLite – real – vs. @SatoshliLite – fake).…

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