Bitcoin Cash Price Watch – BCH/USD On Bearish Run, Falls Below $1,000

bitcoin cash price watch bch usd on bearish run falls below 1000

Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash is now on a bearish run, breaking below the pivotal $1,000 level. Just like with other major cryptocurrencies, BCH/USD is now on a long-term bearish trend. On the downside, BCH/USD could slide to $950 later this week. BCH/USD Breaks Below $1,000 On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin Cash broke below the pivotal $1,000 price level, now trading at around $995. BCH/USD could still slip further later in the day, where the downside could take its price toward $950 later this week. On the upside, a retest of the…

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Bitcoin Price Watch – BTC/USD Falls Below Critical $8,500 Mark

bitcoin price watch btc usd falls below critical 8500 mark

On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin price dipped below the critical $8,500 price level as bears began to rally, potentially sending the coin further down toward $8,000 and beyond. At its lowest point today, BTC/USD reached $8,100. For the past seven days, Bitcoin value declined by about 12%. Bitcoin Could Fall Below $8,000 Bitcoin price dipped below $8,500 today, and it could fall even further later this week as another crypto selloff has begun. One of the catalysts triggering this selloff could be Microsoft Bing’s ban on crypto advertising. Bing now joins…

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Apple Co-Founder Falls Victim to Bitcoin Scam

apple co founder falls victim to bitcoin scam

The Economic Times of India’s Global Business Summit took place this week, and it was inevitable that the cryptocurrency sector was going to be one of the topics discussed at length. What wasn’t foreseen, however, was Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak coming forward and saying he was a victim of a bitcoin scam. It’s been known for quite some that bitcoin, as well as every other virtual currency, holds a lot of risks. But when the co-founder of one of the largest technology companies in the world falls into its trap,…

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Bitcoin Price Watch – BTC/USD Falls Below $10,000

bitcoin price watch btc usd falls below 10000

Bitcoin price fell slightly over the past two days, now trading at just below $10,000. The cryptocurrency failed to break above the $12,000 mark, which was a major resistance point set earlier this week. To industry experts, the recent price drop is most likely a product of profit-taking as well as a BTC price resistance established near $11,000. Bitcoin Reversal Still A Possibility Though BTC price has been on the decline lately, it’s still possible that it bounces back in immediate future. A break above $10,000 is likely to occur…

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