Charlie Lee Talks Bithumb Hack, Bitcoin Price, and Lightning Network

charlie lee talks bithumb hack bitcoin price and lightning network

Charlie Lee on CNBC: Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin (LTC), chatted with CNBC about the recent Bithumb hack, Bitcoin price, and the Lightning Network. Charlie Lee on CNBC: Bithumb Hack The South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb was hacked earlier this week, with a total of USD $30 million in crypto being stolen. It was enough to shift the exchange from its sixth-place ranking for daily trading volume down to seventh. Along with the loss of crypto from the exchange, many cryptocurrencies’ prices plummeted from the resulting panic, including Bitcoin (BTC).…

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Bitpanda Adds IOTA – A Light in the Dark Following Coinrail Hack

bitpanda adds iota a light in the dark following coinrail hack

Bitpanda adds IOTA: All incidences of hacking are unfortunate, but some more so than others. On the weekend of June 9th, Coinrail, a South Korean crypto exchange, was hacked. The Coinrail hack was so severe that all of the top 10 coins on the market are plunging today. Some coins are down because of it, and in reality, they should be celebrating. Take IOTA, for instance. This virtual currency has some exciting news, but it’s going unnoticed because the masses are primarily focused on the aftermath of the Coinrail hack.  We aren’t…

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XRP News: Price Continues to Plunge After Coinrail Hack

xrp news price continues to plunge after coinrail hack

XRP News – Following the news of the Coinrail hack, the crypto market suffered a major dip. This dip has continued well into the week, with numerous coins plummeting Wednesday. Take, Ripple (XRP), for instance. The cryptocurrency is down nearly 10% in the past twenty-four hours.  In this article, we’re going to be looking at XRP news, as well as noting some recent comments from Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of the company Ripple, about the market. XRP News | XRP Daily Chart  Ripple (XRP) is currently selling for $0.52. This is…

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