The SBI Holdings Crypto Exchange is Now Live!

the sbi holdings crypto exchange is now live

SBI Holdings Crypto Exchange: When a company launches a new initiative or product, excitement tends to follow and the news often circulates around the market, attracting the eye of different people. Even so, today’s buzz, caused by SBI Holdings- a Japanese finance behemoth, is a different story.  On Monday, news broke of SBI Holdings launching a crypto exchange. Sure, there are tons of crypto exchanges out there, but how many mainstream financial institutions have launched one? The answer is one, and that institution is none other than SBI Holdings. Crypto News |…

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Ripple Donates $50M; XRP Listed on SBI Holdings Crypto Exchange

ripple donates 50m xrp listed on sbi holdings crypto exchange

XRP may be down on the market this Monday morning, but don’t think for a minute that we don’t have some major Ripple news for you! Ripple, the crypto and payments startup, has made headlines today, for two different reasons.  So, should we jump right in? In this article, we will be looking at the following: Ripple news and Ripple price news. Ripple News | June 4, 2018 Crypto enthusiasts woke up Monday to copious amounts of Ripple news. Two Ripple (XRP) headlines have attracted the crypto community today, with the…

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