Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Unveils New Crypto Priorities, Exchange Profits Up 7-Fold

japans internet giant gmo unveils new crypto priorities exchange profits up 7 fold

Exchanges Japan’s GMO Internet has unveiled new priorities for its cryptocurrency business along with the performances of its crypto exchange and mining operations. The changes going forward result from the bear market and increased total hash rate. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space GMO Coin Profits Up 7.3-Fold Japanese internet giant GMO published its second-quarter results for this fiscal year on Thursday. The report details the performances of the company’s cryptocurrency operations as well as changes in future plans. In the second quarter, GMO’s overall crypto business…

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CEO of Fatfish Internet: Crypto ETF Coming Soon, Despite Recent Rejections

ceo of fatfish internet crypto etf coming soon despite recent rejections

There are numerous people and groups in the crypto industry that want a crypto ETF. The Gemini exchange is one, and BitWise is another. Over the weekend, the CEO of Fatfish Internet Group joined the conversation. But is there a crypto ETF coming soon, or is this false hope? After all, the SEC has a different opinion. Crypto ETF Coming Soon? On Sunday, Kin-Wai Lau, CEO of Fatfish Internet, a global tech venture investment firm, said that a Bitcoin ETF is on the horizon, adding that global markets will soon be “ready…

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