Apocalyptic Predictions About Privacy Coins Are Very Wide of the Mark

apocalyptic predictions about privacy coins are very wide of the mark

Op-Ed Bitcoin is a permissionless ledger. In plain English, that means you don’t need to ask anyone’s damn permission to use it. There are no terms and conditions to read, no checkbox to tick, and no forms to sign before you can send or receive bitcoin. But if some people had their way, pseudonymous cryptocurrencies, as well as anonymous coins like monero, would only be used with the government’s permission. These people are wrong. So wrong it hurts. Also read: Illegal Activity No Longer Dominant Use of Bitcoin: DEA Agent Bad…

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Bitcoin Price Watch – BTC/USD Falls Below Critical $8,500 Mark

bitcoin price watch btc usd falls below critical 8500 mark

On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin price dipped below the critical $8,500 price level as bears began to rally, potentially sending the coin further down toward $8,000 and beyond. At its lowest point today, BTC/USD reached $8,100. For the past seven days, Bitcoin value declined by about 12%. Bitcoin Could Fall Below $8,000 Bitcoin price dipped below $8,500 today, and it could fall even further later this week as another crypto selloff has begun. One of the catalysts triggering this selloff could be Microsoft Bing’s ban on crypto advertising. Bing now joins…

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Bitcoin Price: Bitcoin Continues to Flirt with the $8000 Mark

bitcoin price bitcoin continues to flirt with the 8000 mark

Bitcoin Price (BTC) is largely controlled by trader’s sentiments regarding the future fundamentals of cryptocurrency markets. Trader’s sentiments have been improving sharply in crypto markets over the last week, driven by bullish price predictions and regulator input to control unfair practices. Rather contrary to the previous precedent of “going against” government interference and regulation,  the management of Ripple (the third largest cryptocurrency), has invited the government to play their role in cryptocurrency markets. “We’re at that time now where we need more clarity and rules, and we need more certainty.…

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Bitcoin Holds $10,000 Mark in February, It Will Double This Month

bitcoin holds 10000 mark in february it will double this month

Bitcoin (BTC) price jumped substantially last month after finding support around $6,000 in early February; the solid Bull Run in prices was supported by lower than expected regulatory actions from the U.S. and South Korean authorities. Though analysts and regulators had issued several bearish predictions last month, bulls successfully kept prices around $10,000, and they expect prices to double this month. Regulators all around the globe are still unsure how to regulate cryptocurrencies. Major players like South Korea and the United States have adopted a positive tone for the crypto…

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Ethereum Price Watch – ETH/USD Hits $950 Mark, Further Upside Ahead

ethereum price watch eth usd hits 950 mark further upside ahead

Key Highlights: Ethereum hit the $950 mark today, and the cryptocurrency could be headed toward $1,000 soon ETH surpassed $980 over the weekend, signaling recovery is going well and continuing ETH price is holding down a major resistance at $946 Ethereum Gains Momentum, Further Upside Ahead Ethereum continued its momentum from last week, with its price reaching a high of $956 earlier today. During the weekend, ETH was able to break above $980, but has since cooled down. Nevertheless, a move toward $1,000 seems imminent. However, in the short term,…

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