‘Unhackable’ Wallet Reportedly Breached, Hackers Claim to Meet Bounty Conditions

unhackable wallet reportedly breached hackers claim to meet bounty conditions

A group of researchers claims to have have hacked the Bitfi wallet, the Next Web reported August 12. Bitfi’s executive chairman, cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee, has called it “the world’s first unhackable device.” To prove his claim, McAfee challenged security experts to breach the device for a $100,000 bounty starting July 24. Bitfi is a physical device, or hardware wallet, which supports “an unlimited amount of cryptocurrencies,” and revolves around a user-generated secret phrase instead of a conventional 24-word mnemonic seed that has to be written down. Additionally, Bitfi is…

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Litecoin (LTC) Summit Countdown – Pay to Meet Charlie Lee

litecoin ltc summit countdown pay to meet charlie lee

In the latest Litecoin news, Charlie Lee, Litecoin (LTC) founder, will be present at the very first Litecoin Summit. Long-time project enthusiasts will have the chance to meet him for only $49. Litecoin News: Meet Charlie Lee Come and meet Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) at the Litecoin Summit! Tickets are only $49!https://t.co/0aCO9jJCbv pic.twitter.com/Yn6wp0HSMu — litecoin (@litecoin) August 6, 2018 The Litecoin Summit will be a held on September 14th and 15th in the South San Francisco Conference Center. The Charlie Lee meet-and-greet will only be on Day 2 of the event,…

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Mannabase Where Crypto and Universal Basic Income Meet

mannabase where crypto and universal basic income meet

Cryptocurrency’s disruptive effect on both personal and global finance cannot be understated. Up until recently, most crypto enthusiasts have been more interested in their own personal wealth than increasing the wealth of others; however, all of that has changed with Mannabase, a new player in the crypto markets that espouses the merits of universal basic income (UBI) through digital currency. A Crash Course on UBI Unfamiliar with the idea of universal basic income? You wouldn’t be the first. An anti-poverty initiative, UBI as a core philosophy involves providing a base…

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The Crypto World Cup: Meet the Players, Guess Who Wins

the crypto world cup meet the players guess who wins

It’s time for the next saga in our crypto game adventures – the Crypto World Cup! The world of crypto has a lot of big names. It’s about time they faced off with one another. Who will come out on top? Let’s meet the players! Crypto World Cup: Who’s Who Our crypto representatives come from all walks of crypto – token developers, crypto advocates, analysts, even some crypto naysayers. All of our fabulous crypto representatives were assigned randomly to a country playing in the FIFA World Cup. Their progress in…

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