NY Consensus Day 2: The Practical Uses of Blockchain Technologies

ny consensus day 2 the practical uses of blockchain technologies

Over 30 events are going on at the same time at Blockchain week. So significant is this event that the attendance doubled last year’s numbers and the international coverage was so extensive that it even included non-specialized media. These figures show the importance that society is currently giving to blockchain-based technologies. The first day was hectic and exciting and the second day of the NY Consensus did not disappoint either. Even though many important topics were covered – so many that it was impossible to review them all – most…

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Legislation, Security, and Interoperability: The Main Focus Of NY Consensus Conference Day 1

legislation security and interoperability the main focus of ny consensus conference day 1

NY Consensus Conference Day 1: Blockchain Week has begun with great enthusiasm for both technology enthusiasts and businesspeople around the world. Expectations have been met, and even exceeded in some cases. One of the main events of this week that seeks to raise awareness about the blockchain world and the benefits it represents for the community is the NY Consensus Conference. An event organized by Coindesk that has earned a reputation as the most significant festival dedicated to blockchain technologies around the world. According to CNBC figures, the event registered…

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Tom Lee Predicts an Increase in BTC Prices After NY Consensus Summit

tom lee predicts an increase in btc prices after ny consensus summit

The rising popularity of bitcoin in recent days does not seem to be subsiding. According to Tom Lee, CEO of Fundstrat, Bitcoin could boost its bullish behavior thanks to the annual “Consensus Summit” conference. According to an article published by Bloomberg, an analysis conducted by the firm concluded that after each conference, confidence in the crypto market increases considerably. The NY Consensus Summit is an initiative of particular importance to the world of crypto money and blockchain technology companies. But beyond that, the event has made a name for itself,…

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