Yale Research Proposes Factors for Crypto Price Prediction

yale research proposes factors for crypto price prediction

Yale University financial experts have suggested a system of factors to predict price trends in major cryptocurrencies, according to an official statement by YaleNews Aug. 6. The new study was conducted by Yale economist Aleh Tsyvinski and Yukun Liu, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics, and is reportedly the “first-ever comprehensive economic analysis of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.” In the paper, the authors intend to provide a “risk-return tradeoff” of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), according to its historical performance data.…

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Tom Lee Bitcoin Price Prediction Fail – Bitcoin Is Not Rallying As Expected

tom lee bitcoin price prediction fail bitcoin is not rallying as expected

Bitcoin shows no growth: Bitcoin Price (BTC) hasn’t moved higher despite the Consensus Summit: Bitcoin price trades in the range of $8,300 today after briefly touching $8,800 level at the beginning of the week. The largest coin has posted losses in last two consecutive days. This downside move is contrary to analyst’s predictions who were expecting a strong rally amid the New York consensus summit. Indeed, Tom Lee – who has predicted Bitcoin price to reach $25K by the end of this year – failed to predict the price movement…

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Tom Lee’s 70% BTC Upside Prediction; Is it a Fairy Tale?

tom lees 70 btc upside prediction is it a fairy tale

Bitcoin price (BTC) plummeted sharply in the last two days following Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s criticism regarding the cryptocurrency markets. The largest coin traded at around the $9,000 level early today, down almost $1,000 from Sunday’s high of $9,900. Altcoins fell at a high mid-single-digit rate in the last two days, pulling the total cryptocurrency market capitalization to the lowest level in the last week. Despite this, another Tom Lee prediction has surfaced. Bears are on top of the market as business icons have called cryptocurrency markets a “greater…

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Bitcoin at 250k? Another Expert Supports This Prediction

bitcoin at 250k another expert supports this prediction

Bitcoin has revolutionized the world of finance. Its price is perhaps the most consulted aspect of the coin and at the same time (ironically) the least “revolutionary.” Over-volatility of price and unstoppable news of frauds and substantial investments have sparked a lot of debate and predictions; something that has become a popular conversational topic among hodlers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The community’s interest in these fluctuations is so high that exclusive memes and words have even emerged: Hodl, Lambo, moon, scamcoin, are the best known. Other jargons such as whale, buy…

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