Barclays Denies Crypto Products as Staff Removes ‘Digital Asset Project’ LinkedIn Info

barclays denies crypto products as staff removes digital asset project linkedin info

UK-based bank Barclays has denied it is working on cryptocurrency products despite two employees removing LinkedIn evidence they were doing so after receiving mainstream media attention, Business Insider reports August 6. According to Business Insider, Matthieu Jobbe Duval and Chris Tyrer, whom Barclays confirmed worked for the bank, had listed cryptocurrency-related duties on their LinkedIn profiles. Duval had written he was involved in a “digital asset project” and was “hired to produce a business plan for integrating a digital assets trading desk into Barclays’ markets business: revenue opportunity, competitive landscape,…

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Coinbase Launches Four New Coinbase Products Aimed at Institutional Investors

coinbase launches four new coinbase products aimed at institutional investors

Four new Coinbase products are being launched by the popular exchange with the hopes that they will attract institutional investors into the cryptocurrency market. The four new Coinbase products are designed to solve the biggest issues that institutional investors cite as keeping them from fully entering cryptocurrency, reports CNBC. The products are Coinbase Custody, Coinbase Markets, The Coinbase Institutional Coverage Group, and Coinbase Prime. Four New Coinbase Products: Coinbase Custody The Coinbase Custody product is looking to solve the issue of security. In the institutional universe, the fiat currency that…

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