EOS Token Registration Reminder: Register Before June 1st

eos token registration reminder register before june 1st

The EOS token registration deadline is coming up soon. Are you ready? EOS Token Registration: Why Do I Need to Register? EOS holders need to register because, if they don’t, their EOS tokens are going to be frozen – in other words, they won’t be able to use their EOS tokens anymore. At the moment, EOS tokens are ERC20 tokens registered on the Ethereum network. When EOSIO 1.0 launches, EOS is going to separate from the Ethereum network and become its own platform. When that happens, any EOS tokens left…

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EOS Token Swap: Register Your EOS Coins Before They’re Frozen Forever

eos token swap register your eos coins before theyre frozen forever

EOS Token Swap – June 2nd is fast approaching; which means the deadline to register your ERC20 EOS tokens is drawing near. If you’ve traded for EOS tokens and currently hold them in your portfolio, you must register them with the EOS team to receive the new EOS tokens ran on the EOS blockchain. If you currently hold your coins on Binance, you won’t need to worry. The exchange announced a few months back they will handle all technical aspects of the token swap. Currently, EOS tokens are running on the Ethereum…

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SEC Expects Exchanges to Legally Register – Bittrex Responds

sec expects exchanges to legally register bittrex responds

The SEC has released a statement proclaiming that crypto coins should be labelled as securities and crypto exchanges, therefore, need to register with the SEC. A security, as commonly defined, is any investment on which the investor hopes to profit via others’ efforts. Essentially, a security is a tradable financial asset. There have been numerous arguments about whether or not crypto assets fall into the security definition, but now it seems the SEC is finally trying to draw the line. This is all part of the SEC’s attempts to offer further regulation…

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