Australian Crypto Exchange to Enable Ripple Trading This Week!

australian crypto exchange to enable ripple trading this week

Independent Reserve trades Ripple: Cryptocurrencies elicit positive and negative reactions. Investors love them for their innovation and ability to make cash quickly. Without crypto exchanges supporting their growth, however, certain currencies would have gone under, mostly due to suspicion and speculation. Take Ripple (XRP), for instance. Over time, XRP has become a fan favorite, and yet, large institutions remain skeptical (i.e., Coinbase and the SEC). All but one, that is. Alone among these institutions, Sydney-based crypto exchange Independent Reserve is a clear exception. Independent Reserve Trades Ripple On Wednesday, in the wake…

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Is Coinbase Adding Ripple? Garlinghouse Says it Should

is coinbase adding ripple garlinghouse says it should

Last week, Coinbase announced that it will soon be adding Ethereum Classic. The move sparked joy across the crypto-board. However, some were left wondering – is Coinbase adding Ripple? Considering Coinbase is moving to Japan, where XRP is popular and is openly looking to list new virtual currencies, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before we see headlines of Coinbase adding Ripple. Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO, appears to agree with the above-mentioned statement. Coinbase Adding Ripple – CEO Adds Two Cents The Coinbase and Ripple debate is not…

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What Causes Ripple Hype? Cory Johnson Gives His Opinion

what causes ripple hype cory johnson gives his opinion

Even with its many price fluctuations, there’s been a lot of Ripple hype. What causes Ripple hype? Cory Johnson gives his two cents and we give ours. Latest Ripple News | XRP Price Analysis  In 2017, XRP increased in value by roughly 32,000%. So far in 2018, XRP has dropped by 75%. However, the fascination around the digital asset remains. More on that later, though! Today, XRP is changing hands at $0.543. The coin is 2.80% higher on daily basis. At press time, Ripple (XRP) has a market cap of…

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Ripple Price Analysis: June 18, 2018

ripple price analysis june 18 2018

When it comes to Ripple, there are two things people want to know the most. Either they are looking for a Ripple price analysis, or they are looking to see if Ripple, the software company, announced anything new. Today, we are going to focus primarily on XRP’s market performance. Ripple Price Analysis: June 18, 2018 Over the weekend, XRP saw some losses. The Ripple price avoided massive drops but did spend the Sunday trading session in a tight range. Yesterday, XRP opened at $0.535 and finished the day at $0.528.…

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