Bitcoin Cash Price Watch – BCH/USD Sinks Further, Hits Three-Month Low

bitcoin cash price watch bch usd sinks further hits three month low

Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash declined further on Wednesday, falling to a three-month low of $800. BCH/USD has since bounced back to the $820-$830 price range. The cryptocurrency is on a major bearish run, establishing a major support at $820. Bitcoin Cash Sinks Further, Reaches Three-Month Low On Wednesday, Bitcoin Cash continued its decline from earlier this week, even hitting a three-month low of $800 for a brief moment. BCH/USD has since bounced back, now trading in the $820-$830 price range. The cryptocurrency market is strongly bearish right now, and selling…

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Ethereum Price Watch – ETH/USD Hit By Selloff, Sinks Below $850

ethereum price watch eth usd hit by selloff sinks below 850

Key Highlights: Ethereum price fell sharply today due to a market-wide cryptocurrency selloff ETH hit a low of $815.30 at one point, down by over 15% in the last 24 hours The cryptocurrency is now on a downward trend, holding support at $817.50 Ethereum Plunges Amid Market Selloff Following its recent recoveries, Ethereum price plunged by over 15% at one point today, sinking to a low of $815.30. It’s now back to where was at the end of last week, unable to maintain its positive momentum from the past few…

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