Forty Seven Bank Releases API now Allowing Developers Worldwide to Submit to their App Store

forty seven bank releases api now allowing developers worldwide to submit to their app store

Forty Seven Bank, a new banking startup currently in the final stretches of its ICO, reached a huge milestone this week when it publically released version one of its API (Application Programming Interface) giving developers globally the opportunity to use its infrastructure when developing applications. It allows them to tap into all the advantages that developing under Forty Seven’s umbrella offers, including the use of existing compliance, risk management, and customer service infrastructures. Forty Seven Bank, which will be headquartered in London, has been breaking milestone after milestone during this…

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Bitcoin Price: The Lack of Store Value Makes it a Poor Long-Term Investment

bitcoin price the lack of store value makes it a poor long term investment

Major hedge fund managers and central banks all around the globe had refused to believe in bitcoin (BTC) as currency or medium of exchange – which was part of the reason bitcoin price dipped from $19,000 to $6,000 in less than one month. Institutional analysts and investors blamed lack of store value and the huge price volatility for their denouncement of the world’s top cryptocurrency. BANK of England (BoE) Chief Mark Carney said, “bitcoin has pretty much failed as a currency by standard benchmarks and is neither a store of value…

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