Microsoft May Build Identity System with Bitcoins Lightning Network

microsoft may build identity system with bitcoins lightning network

Microsoft’s New Identity System: Microsoft, the world’s sixth-largest IT company, announced its blockchain-based distributed identification system at Consensus Conference 2018, The identification system is used to monitor cryptocurrencies and the stock market. For Bitcoin, this news may be particularly encouraging because Microsoft developers hinted that they would use real Bitcoin chains to build platforms. Microsoft’s New Identity System Although Microsoft founder Bill Gates bluntly criticized cryptocurrency and called it “nonsense”, the company still chose to enter the blockchain field to promote its authentication process. Ankur Patel, chief project manager of Microsoft’s…

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Cardano [ADA] The Financial System for the Developing World – Team Met with Google Today

cardano ada the financial system for the developing world team met with google today

Cardano [ADA], the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is looking far-beyond becoming just a payment system for the regular cryptocurrency investor. Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano and co-founder of IOHK, had an interview with Rachel McIntosh back in February discussing his long-term vision for Cardano. Financial System of the Developing World – Cardano vs. Stellar [XLM] In his interview, Hoskinson discusses how Bitcoin advertises itself as a payment system and a means of exchange, but anyone that has tried using it for that knows how much it has failed. Back…

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Bitcoin as a Payment System: Bank of America CTO Speaks Out

bitcoin as a payment system bank of america cto speaks out

Debates over the suitability of Bitcoin as a payment system continue. Last week, CFTC chairman J. Christoper Giancarlo stated he does not believe Bitcoin to be an “ideal” payment system. The chair has this mentality despite also saying Bitcoin has similarities to gold. This week, the Bank of America CTO joined the conversation. Bitcoin as a Payment System On Thursday, Catherine Bessant, Bank of America CTO, stated that Bitcoin as a payment system is very “troubling.” Not just Bitcoin, however, Bessant referred to the use of other cryptocurrencies as payment systems…

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